Monday, November 28, 2011


Life's completeness and richness depends on the things we share
with our loved ones and friends
Helen Steiner Rice
My thanks for all the messages I have received, I will try and reply  to them shortly but although I am much improved, I am still not comfortable sitting for too long at a time. That should improve now as Paul has bought me a new computor chair......... a really delux executive one,

Among the emails received have been two exciting ones
and I am thrilled to be able to share photos of two finished quadrielles, both from America.
The first is from Annette Navarro, you may have read all Annette's comments on the SAL postings as she kept me informed of all her progress as she stitched it.

and this one below is from Antonina Batalova,  her blog is
Well done both of you. I hope you both enjoyed your stitching, now I would like you to email me your postal addresses as I said I would stitch and send a little something to anyone who sent me photo of their finished quadrielle.

On Thursday December 1st, Paul and I will go across to Napier to spend a few days with my sister and her husband and I am looking forward to visiting my favourite Embroidery Shop Heirlooms. This time of the year Sherelyn has a special Christmas display in her lovely old home where her Gallery/shop is situated. Tell you more when I return next week.


Listochek said...

Lee, thank you for beautiful SAL, i enjoyed stitching quadrielle.
Wish you have a good time next weekend:)

Annette said...

Lee I wish you and Paul a wonderful time on your trip to visit your sister. Can't wait to hear what you find at your favorite embroidery shop. Antonina - Your ornament looks beautiful. Thank you Lee for amazing SAL, I loved stitching it. You are a true needlework MASTER.

PXLaura said...

First sorry about my poor english.
I think you have magic hands!
Love your jobs!

Hugs from Argentina
(in the other side of the world)


Надежда-nagual said...

Hi, Lee! This is wonderful! I admire your creativity!
Nadia from Ukraine.