Friday, November 4, 2011

SAL Part 4

The next stage is to add the heavier Gold thread to create the circle for the christmas wreath design in the centre of each square.  A few couching stitches are used to hold it in place. This is done in 3 stages. the first time round use, the pencil drawn circle as a guide line and try to cover it.

 Dont worry if at this stage it does not look like a perfect circle as the shape will alter as you add two more rows. let these rows twist a little rather than have 3 straight row. Don't try and make all four circles the same,  the thread often has a mind of its own and this can add to your design. I think it adds  to the look if all the circles look quite natural and not to stiff and exact.

I hope this will be enough to keep you working, as tomorrow we go quite some distance to collect son after he finishes a mountain bike race and bring him back here, we will then have just under 24 hours of his company..... so after he leaves on sunday I will post the rest of the stitching instructions.

Annette, I am enjoying your comments that are keeping me up to date with your progress, can you email me as I would love to send a private message in return.
 Happy stitching

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Anonymous said...

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Listochek said...

Lee,Thank you for beautiful SAL, i not start yet, but i have plane to make this wonderful ornament for my christmas tree:)

Lee said...

Regarding the message from Giveawayscout- I am not joining this group as any giveaways I have are for members of my blog only.