Friday, June 9, 2017


I chose the colours for my sampler with the rich tonings of the drapes in my living room in mind as I planned to make it into a bell pull  to hang in this room. Looking around today I realised the chosen colours are a perfect match for this little chair. The little chair was made in High Wycombe Buckinghamshire England about 120 years ago and has been  in the Westfield family all that time coming out to NZ about 50 years ago.

I am slowing catching up with the sampler parts, although I have yet to finish January, I have completed February and March.  The Facebook group has been great to follow to see everyone's colours and their progress. For more information on the sampler see Linen and Threads home
page here


I am off to New Plymouth today to stitch with the Sampler Group so hopefully a days stitching and the part for April will be completed

Thursday, May 25, 2017

BEFORE MAY GOES...........

before May comes to an end I must post the next piece in my Italian collection. This is Punto Madama or Catherine de Medici stitch. It was a challenge as it is similar to Holbein or double running stitch, but watching the videos the stitch movement on the return is quite different making the stitch not flat like Holbein. Usually stitched with a very thick thread on a course loose linen I needed to adapt to  have it fit into my challenge size or approx 10 cm.

I need to do more to get the technique perfected but that chance may come as our guild think they might take up the Italian Challenge next year .
My thanks for the messages it is good to hear from friends, and as much as I think I will get replies written,  time slips by so quickly or is it that I am slowing down as old age approaches! Possibly both. I have started Linen and Threads Mystery Sampler and loving it. Not tackling the full sampler making mine a bell pull and am a late starter ,  here is my progress so far

Monday, May 1, 2017


Well April came and went before I had time to catch up with it, it did produce along with some extreme storms, a spell of mild sunny weather and in that time no stitching worth mentioning was done, for I took every chance to tackle the fast growing weeds and grasses in my garden. There is always more to be done but I am pleased with what was achieved.

 My March challenge piece  took me a while to complete the border,  here it is my attempt at Byzantine work. The filling is rush stitch which was new to me.  I will post my April piece as soon as I finish the hem.  

 These little chicks were my Easter gift to Finn, I found the pattern on Pinterest the chick bodies were made in one piece that was shaped like a three petal flower, quick and easy to make, and the little ball a good size for little hands, I did not think Chocolate Easter eggs would be a good idea. possibly next year. The girls both got a small basket filled with tiny chocolate eggs with just one chicken on the top.

 Have you seen Linen and Threads mystery Sal ? I have just found it and I know I do not need any more starts....... But yes I have started it ! promise photo of my progress when next I post and will try not to leave it so long



Wednesday, March 1, 2017


My challenge piece for February was Perugian Embroidery, I have stitched in silk in the closest shade I could get to saffron yellow, I have done counted satin stitch before but not in rows to form the design.

Fun stitching during the month has been some small hearts for Valentine's Day, these three went to the friends in my stitching friends group, a few others have found homes elsewhere.

I have not shared with you Caitlin and my January holiday project, we both fell for Lilipopo  little girls and have bought the pattern and enjoyed stitching some. Mine will later be lavender bags, I have had a great crop this year and it is now drying ready for stripping.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


My Italian love affair started many many years ago,  that is my love of the different Italian Embroidery techniques,  although over the years I have stitch several there are many I have not had the opportunity to stitch. So I have made it my personal challenge this year to each month stitch a small coaster size mat in a different Italian technique.
January's mat is in Assisi embroidery, I love the fresh look of voided work, and I have stitched it many different times, this time I wanted to achieve a perfect rolled hem. I have stitched on 40 count permit linen, stitching over three fabric threads with one strand of DMC 502 sage green, outlined in black and edged with Italian four sided stitch ( which is reversible)  As a mat is not mounted I wanted to have a back view which I would be proud of. The small mat is 10 centimeters square.

I am now trying to Blog from my iPad , at this stag I find it very limiting hence the short post.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


here are my latest creations......... these I think would be worn to a Fairy Ball with a golden gown.

Thank you to all who have left comments  recently on my blog Its nice to get feed back on the postings and this year I thought I would make a real effort to reply but sadly in a lot of cases this is not possible.I have replied where I can  but don't know if its my computer or not but most have come with noreply-comment.

Monday, January 9, 2017


here are my latest tiny shoes.... ready for some elf to go dancing with the tiny bells ringing as he moves his feet..  oh what fun I had making them. Don't you love the turned up toes The are 6cm in length.grey felt lined with dark red silk.

This fairy cobbler has more to come

Monday, January 2, 2017


 After reading on Gracie's blog Needles Pins and Dragonflies about her plans for a journal jar,  that sent me off to find out more, and opened up a big new world of ideas.  I found journal jars, memory jars,  gratitude jars, blessing jars oh! the list goes on. The nearest thing to writing up a Journal which by the way I have thought of many time, has been my blog,  Now inspired by the idea of writing a short note occasionally appeals to me.                                                                                                  


 I found many ideas for decorated jars and have started collecting items to decorate the jar  I planned to use. I have found some butterfly stickers they are blue butterflies and remind me of my first ball gown, white with tiny blue and white butterflies on the fabric. I have ribbon and a posy of blue rosebuds, these bring memories of times at the Great Escape Retreats  as one year Stephen of the "Ribbon Rose " had a roll of coloured canvas for everyone tied with a ribbon and a posy of flowers, these blue rose buds  were on my canvas roll.  I have decided on a quote for the label  tied to the jar and have hung some hearts beside it ( borrowed of my small Christmas tree)
Thank you Gracie I will enjoy filling my jar with special moments and memories.

 Do you make resolutions each year, I don’t although  I am a list maker, specially a list of what I would like to stitch      My list looks like this at the moment-  

*Earth Sea and Sky( exhibition piece for regional exhibit, includes Daisy chain project)                                                                                                                                      * Black work challenge with Caitlin we have chosen a small design which she should manage along with her studies and to be completed by the end of the year.                      *My personal Challenge this year is to complete each month one small coaster size mat  of Italian embroidery, there are so many different techniques to explore, some I will revisit and others will be new to me.                               
 * Hussif Sampler (stitching monthly with the New Plymouth Ladies on their sampler stitch day)                                                                                                                                           * Whitework  finish a piece started long long ago.( stitching on the Traditional Embroidery Stitch Day with the NP Ladies) 
I must finish Noah's Ark for Finn and the Jardin Prive piece I am currently stitching I am sure too as the year goes on I will add to my list, promise an occasional  update on progress.

 And I want to make more of these fairy slippers.... these ones went to Annette in her Christmas parcel. I loved making them

May this year for you all be blessed with many happy stitching hours.