Wednesday, December 9, 2015


An email message this morning from Smily let me know that the robins had finally arrived after much delay on my part.  I am glad that they have safely arrived  and she has several photos up on her blog.  here is a link to her blog  

 My bus leaves this afternoon taking me to Wellington to meet with my sister and her husband then we fly to Australia   will post again on my return.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

AN UPDATE.........

all good intentions to post in November flew away about as fast as the month did for before December does the same here is all my news.
 Firstly thank you to Cindy who despite all that the year has thrown at her came through with the planned Christmas exchange... it arrived very early accompanied  with some treats for my birthday.    I have hung it by my computer  so I can enjoy it, the big tree is not going up this year for reasons that will be shared later.

for my Christmas Decoration I sent to Cindy I did a cube, this was a very enjoyable piece to stitch.

I also received my exchange piece from Stitching friends challenge a scissor fob, truly this piece stitched by Heather is far to lovely to be on a pair of scissors and I have put it on one of my sewing bags where I can enjoy it without  it being handled as much as when attached to scissors. The tiny fob on the bottom is less than an inch across, such perfect tiny stitches. 

and there is more........ Annette from California Stitcher sent me  this lovely needle
book..the design is Ann Hathaway's cottage. It's too lovely to use and don't you love all the silk ribbons so in keeping with the age in time that it represents and what a lot of stitching I am in awe. Thank you Annette for for all the work and love that went into stitching this for me.

Ann came down from Whitianga for my birthday weekend and we went to the Embroidery Exhibition caught up with several of old friends there and on the Saturday when other friends dropped in to say Hi, .............. had a picnic  by the lake ..........went to the Christmas shop ...........visited Maree and heard all about her trip she went on the Casket tour in Scotland and England...........and of course we talked and stitched together.  And this month it will be my turn to go away overseas.
With my sister and her husband we fly out to Queensland Australia next Wednesday for a short trip specially to celebrate with our brother his 70th birthday,it is close to twenty five years since I last saw Donald so it will be some reunion.   Will return just before Christmas, and hopefully a December posting will follow to share the latest news.....................
.....................meanwhile happy Stitching  everyone.