Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As part of Jan's birthday present, I have agreed to make the needle work assessories  for a work basket she resently lined with fabric. There was not time from her request to make them in time for her birthday so I have promised to complete and give her one a week for the next eight weeks, so watch this space as I will share with you all what I stitch.

Her chosen colour scheme covers a wide range of greens and purples.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have wanted to try this edging for some time, and the recent exchange on EMS cross stitch board for a small sachet provided the perfect opportunity. I have used permin 40count linen and DMC thread for the cross stitch design, with waterlilies silk (1 strand) For the edging. The edging stitched through the two layers of linen proved to be easier than I thought and I would like to use it again sometime.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Naomi phoned and asked if she could call this afternoon for some advise on  a piece she is stitching. She is stitching the major piece that I will be teaching later in the year, this is a big help having someone checking on the order of stitching; amount of thread for each stage and can someone else make the design work. As a tutor  it makes all the difference going into the class room knowing -yes someone else can make this design look just as good as my piece. This Workshop will be my last, I will finally retire after that.  But certainly not stop stitching. I have enjoyed the little pieces I have stitched so far this year and too, having the time to be able to do them and I look forward to doing more of these.
Also a member of the Stitching Friends group mentioned in my last posting, Naomi gave me the piece she had stitched for me for the challenge -a pin keep. Stitched on 35 count linen which she had tea dyed to give just the tiniest hint of colour, and the stitching was done in DMC 3726. On one side, a design with hearts which was our theme for this challenge, the four centre hearts are highlighted with petite beads,

And on the other side she had stitched one of my favourite designs, her stitching is very neat and the construction just perfect I feel very spoilt to have received such a lovely gift.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Stitching Friends group current challenge is " Stitch a heart in any technique we wish on a small item of our own choice"   I have stitched a bigger heart after the style of the small hearts I stitched before, this one is 7 x 6cm.
Again I have used some of my tea dyed linen (40 count ) perle 12 thread for all the stitching and the edging is needlemade lace loops. Petite beads finish the piece.
This time I have filled it with lavender so it could hang in a wardrobe or be tucked in an embroidery work bag.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This is what I stitched for my March brides Tree SAL, the theme was- Flower or Flower Basket -representing  good wishes, beauty in the home. The basket is cross stitched from a very old chart, source unknown using one of Jane Van Kuelin's hand dyed tencil thread, and I have filled the basket with bullion Stitch Roses, stitched with perle 12.
I hope all the pieces I stitch for this SAL will have special memories for me.
My mother taught me to stitch these roses as a teenager, many years ago and so This piece brings to me memories of her and how much she loved  her garden.