Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Kim asked how do I use part of a zipper to edge my fob shown back on some of my previous my posts........ I found many different ways on the Internet but this is the method I am using, so Kim here are some photos that might explain

First I run a tacking stitch along the fabric close to the zip teeth, this will ease the fabric later making it lie neater on the inside, I cut most of the fabric off, I have seen one example on the internet where they cut right back against the teeth... I think having a small amount of fabric makes it easier to handle.

I have a circle of felt to which I stitch the zipper, a course zipper is easier to stitch on and I stitch between each of the teeth where the two ends meet is the ideal place to add the cord hanger. My cross stitch design has been mounted ready on a small circle of cardboard, Stitching this onto the felt, I can place it in the centre or to one side if I prefer.

Back with a slightly smaller circle of cardboard  so it sits inside the zipper then sew a circle of felt on the back
This one was edged with a finer zip and I found it hard to see where I had stitched, I did not stitch between all the zipper teeth just spaced my stitches evenly.

Hope this is of use to some one ... have fun.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Little treasures from my garden............stitched for Jan 2016

some time since I posted progress on the flowers I have been stitching for Jan, last time was August,  Jan's request has been to have the little flowers I stitch that remind her so much of her Grandmother my mother,
Here is the bottom pocket, the stitching of it was full of happy memories for me each of the different flowers had their own story, some because of remembering in my childhood the waiting for a flower bud like the snowdrop to appear each year, there were only a couple of bulbs but they were very precious., others because like dianthus Mary in the centre was my own design charted from my drawing and first stitched with a flower of the arm of my chair for inspiration. 
This is the front of the needle book and here below are the pieces layer out ready for putting together. In total I managed to include 15 different flowers, there were a few more I thought of but did not use as I did not find the right spot to put them in.

Inside the needle book is the quote.....
The stitcher with needle 'n thread,  She plies the art of making beauty for the heart.

Blue is Jan's favourite colour, the blue silk that is the inside of the hussif came from Annette in America and is just perfect. Because the outer fabric is very blue I have changed the blue tones of the harebells which are on most of the accessories tucked in the pockets. I have also used several tiny bees and lady birds charms these and the lovely butterfly charm by the floss ring are Susan Clarke charms from America I love them and. know of two shops here in NZ who stock them.

The outer fabric could be forget-me-nots  certainly makes me think of Chatham Island Forget-me-nots that my mother grew years ago in our garden way down south. Jan's birthday was a special mile stone,  her 50th and the hussif has now been delivered  to her. I'm still stitching harebells as I want to share them with a friend.

 Thank you to all who left a comment about my latest Scissor fob. the challenge now to find the next idea possibly mount it differently and have it ready in a months time

Monday, April 4, 2016


April is here and come in here with true April Showers, makes good weather to be inside and stitch, I have continued my woodland theme and my latest fob is an acorn shape with a little squirrel on it. We don't have squirrels here in New Zealand, not sure why as several birds and some animals were imported by the early pioneers. this one is from a chart found on Pinterest but no source given only clue the wording was French.  as it is Autumn here the acorns are dropping must collect some specially the caps as I have an idea for a project.
This is just a short post I will be back in a couple of days to share photos of the main project I have been working on and now finished and given away