Monday, July 26, 2010


I'm so glad it is winter as I love sitting by the fire stitching.
Have been busy with more of my little hearts, two of the little pin cushions with the bullion stitches like I posted on June 2nd. and one of my small cross stitch rose designs. I found this tiny rose bud some years ago and have used it many times making changes to fit whatever I was stitching. I have stitched it in pinks and also in reds. Two shades, a dark and a light are needed along with two shades of green.
This little pin keep is from my own set of needlework accessories and I think it might be the original rosebud but I cannot remember where I found it.

The red version I call my Valentine Rose Collection. And I am adding my charts hopeful that someone else may enjoy stitching these too.

The needle book shown has a tiny drawn thread heart in the centre. This was stitched separately on fine linen then added to the front of the needle book. This one was stitched last year for an overseas exchange.

The one I have been stitching is the ring of red roses and it is now ready to be posted away.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I have done my draw for someone who left a comment on my blog during the last month, using the Random number web site - to draw a number.
here is the result.....
True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 30
Result: 16
I counted off each comment and no 16  was from Annie, from Annie Bebop's Coloring Book Blog. Annie a small gift is here waiting to be posted to you, please send me your address.

Then I decided to do a second draw and made it between the 19 people who have become followers on my blog... and here is that result.
True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Result: 14
Starting at the bottom and working up no. 14 is Mary Joan from England. Mary Joan I look forward to sending you a small packet when I have your address.

Thanks to everyone for their support during my first year of blogging.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Here I am after a wonderful week, lots of catching up with old friends from all round the country,enjoyed good guest speakers, fine weather for a whole week, frosty mornings but lovely winter days. Both my workshops went off well. For "Shades of Monet" workshop, Jane Van Keulin supplied a wonderful selection of dyed linen and matching threads, and in the workshop we gave them names like "purple passion", "iced lavender", and "marbled egg shell" to name a few. I hope in time some photos will arrive and I can show them on this blog.
On the way home Paul asked if I wanted to buy my new camera, of course I said yes. So I am now the proud owner of a digital camera that will do good close up work. The photo of the little bird on the album on the side of my blog was not taken with a digital camera . It was taken some time ago with a Pentax with Macra lens. Here is the same bird taken with my new camera.
This little bird is 7cm from tip of his tail to his beak and here is another photo going in closer.
And I tried a close up too, on some tiny pink violets.
I am happy!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Am all packed and we leave at 8am tomorrow..... conference here I come.
The NZ Embroiderers Guild Conferences are held every two years, and it is a great chance to catch up with friends from all round the country. And for someone like myself who lives in a small country town the Merchants Mall is like finding  treasure trove.
I added up and I have been teaching almost 30 years now, at guild, regional and this will be the 3rd National Conference I have taught at.
I am teaching the little bags on Monday next. then Tues-Thursday  will be my last workshop, I teach and this is what I am teaching.

I have designed a count thread mat with reticello work in the centre and named the workshop " Shades of Monet" we are using the lovely hand dyed fabric with matching threads from Jane Van Kuelen and everyone will be able to select a pack in the colour of their choice. I hope with three days their pieces will be well on the way by the end of the time. I will report back after I get home on  July 16th.