Thursday, November 26, 2009


Every now and then as an embroidery tutor one has that special student that is not only a pleasure to teach but whose work stands out head and shoulders above the rest.
Today's such student was an 8 year old, The project was using star stitch to create a Christmas tree and  in a group of 5 children her work stood out above the rest for her neat stitching and the amount she completed in the hours class.
I mention this because I want to share with you some work by another embroiderer. Jocelyn was in my first Wessex Stitchery class in the mid 1990's, she has gone on to create many, many pieces in Wessex stitchery but also to share this embroidery with many others throught her classes. This week when I received an email from England for more information on Wessex Stitchery I contact Jocelyn and she was happy to share some of her work with you.
Her Hussif shows many of the different stitch patterns that form Wessex Stitchery I will try and add "How to" for some of the patterns in the next few days.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Having spent the morning in the garden mostly dealing with storm damage, we have had both heavy rain and strong winds. I am now sorting out designs I would like to stitch for my christmas gifts.

This little design of Campanula Pulla has previously been stitched on a gift bag but this time I will use it for a Floss Ring Tag. I hope someone else might enjoy this design too. the design is 30h x 15w. 
Colours used are DMC
3807 Blue Mauve
3345 Dark Green
3346 Mid green
3347 Light Yellow Green

Thursday, November 12, 2009


When we bought the cottage there were climbing roses as the front, one is a Cecile Brunner  and the other was labeled Bloomfield Abundance,  I always thought these two roses were the same but there is definately a colour diference between these two climbers here.
Every year these  two climbing roses on the verandah posts each side of the front door get a mad burst of growth in the spring and start climbing up onto the roof. This untidy look gets to Paul and he insists they are cut back. This is always when there is a mass of buds coming.! however this year because of weather and other commitments they did not get cut back and I have happily let him do so this week as they are in full flower, the result is that I have several bowls of these deightful roses in the house.
 I think the colour difference is noticable in the photo.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


With drooping bells of clearest blue
thou didst attract my childish view,
Almost resembling the azure butterflies that flew
Where on the heath thy blossoms grew
so slightly trembling.
Reginald Heber "The Harebell"
This morning had a session in the garden and to my delight the first flowers of harebells ( Campanula rotundifolia) have appeared. A favourite of mine, with its very dainty mauve bells. A wild plant found in northern parts of the world it is known by many names, Bluebells of Scotland, Alpine Scotch bells, Witches Thimbles, Lady's thimbles, Aul man's bells, Heath Bells, are a few names I have found.
I have used  these little flowers many times in small embroidery designs and share one with you now..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We chose to visit some gardens south of here together then Joan and Denis drove off to Napier and we headed home.
The morning turned out to be bitterly cold and so not as many stops on our rounds for photos.
These beautiful clematis blooms were my favourites.


Not belittleing  the local restrants, we decided to have the Birthday dinner at home. For those with diminished hearing the quieter surroundings are more desirable. So with lots of practise with some very special recipes we were able to create a very delicious and tasty stuffed schnitzel first course followed by the piece de resistance...... a lime cheese cakes served with Strawberries and cream.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Denis tried very hard yesterday to get a photo of Joan and myself to commemorate our birthdays, we rejected all the ones he took so I thought I would post one of my own choice. Joan on the left and myself on the right.
Later: Am now able to add...... as we are today  and on the opposite sides Joan now on the right..

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yesterday afternoon we went to the Official opening of the Regional Embroidery Exhibition " ALONG THE GARDEN PATH"   My junior embroiderers group did well taking five awards. 1st in each of the three Junior sections, a third and a special merit award for their group piece.
 As a Grandmother  my special thrill was Caitlin winning her section with her sampler " Butterfly Summer"

 Joan took this lovely photo of Caitlin beside her piece.  Also this one of three generations together.

Rachel on the left, then myself , Caitlin and daughter Jan.
 It was a double celebration as both Grand daughter and Grandmother took awards in the same exhibition. as " Roses for Rachel " also won first in its section.