Thursday, November 3, 2011

SAL Part 3

We now come to the exciting part of adding the design. Stitch the motifs on the top and bottom sections first.

These motif are form by first stitching four long armed chain stitch
 also known as Daisy stitch. (my choice was a soft green thread as I did not want the motifs to dominate and catch the eye.)

 Make the centre of these stitches 1cm from the centre square. 
 The straight stitches are added using a fine gold thread, then add  a gold bead in the centre and a few paillettes or small sequins to finish. Stitch all these parts the same.

Before moving on the the centre squares add a backing of calico or light cotton fabric, this is to support the weight of the beads, a few invisible tacking stitch will hold this in place.  To make the stitches, invisible use sewing thread the same colour as your fabric and stitch and slide your stitches under the back stitch lines. It does not take a lot of stitches to hold the backing fabric in place and it will be anchored further as you stitch the centre design

I will be back tomorrow  to continue, meanwhile happy stitching


Cindy's Stitching said...

very pretty.

Annette said...

This is a lovely stitch. I'm almost caught up. Just finishing up stitching on the last inner square. All points are done. Then this lovely stitch is next and what ever you assign next.