Tuesday, May 21, 2013


 So much to catch up on, its almost a month since my last post. With the cooler days I must admit to spending more time by the fire than here at the computer, and that has meant more stitching!
 Ann and Colleen two very good friends, made the long trek down to here and spent four days with me, the weather was wet and cold but who cares when you can sit and chat and stitch with friends. Ann and I worked on a special project still in the designing stages... little mouse travels. and as Ann had been the tutor for a Latvian workshop I had attended two years ago and my piece was still unfinished I asked her for a refresher course and here is the results I stitch this small coaster as a practise piece. 
 I have used it on my May Journal page for the Needlework Masters Monthly challenge. On each page I am trying to use a piece from the past, a newly stitch piece and of course another beetle, this time my piece from the past, is the mushroom was from a workshop many years ago and for my beetle I have used cord not metal threads.

 Next finished piece has been  a small white work cushion filled with Lavender for Stitching friends Challenge, this design was copies from an old piece of Italian Embroidery, a set of table mats the original was stitched in blue.
 Lastly IHSW has just been and yes I have been stitching firstly finishing my challenge piece for tonight's Guild challenge not photographed yet so will have to share that later, and more beetles, these are fun to stitch and I thought it could be fun to share some too. One is earmarked for a friend but the rest are give a ways, so please comment on which one you like best you never know it might just find its way to your home.

need a closer look ???


Look forward to reading your comments.