Monday, April 28, 2014


What the mind conceives and the heart believes, the spirit achieves.

Firstly a rather belated report on my stitching for IHSW, yes I did managed to add some more stitches to the Wool Gatherer, just love the way his patchwork coat is coming along  unfortunately I find I can not stitch these soft colours in the night light, so not quite as much done as I had hoped.
I am also having trouble with the greens in the other piece I am at present stitching, all I can do is follow the chart and make sure I pick up the correct thread as my eyes cannot tell the difference between the two light green shades. This one is Millennia designs Elizabethan floral Heart Pansy.
I picked it up in a sale basket when I was on holiday last month, marked down as the kit was not complete, I am stitching it on permin 40 count, I might have trouble with colours however I am thankful I can still see to stitch on my favourite linen
I cant wait to share my other stitching project, Stitching Friend's challenge this time was to stitch an embroidered strawberry, after thinking up several ideas including a blackwork one, I really enjoyed stitching my creation, so much so I have now made 4 of them and posted out my Challenge one early so I could share photos with you soon and I will put a HERE's HOW on my other blog.
 Caitlin has had the day here with me stitching, she is working on her exhibition piece,  for the National exhibitions in July, it is quite exciting seeing what she planned for her design taking shape. I have been given a big pile of embroidery books to find homes for and specially any of them for Caitlin if they would be of use to her. Today I passed on to her one of them. A-Z of Embroidery Stitches This is a lovely book with good colour illustrations on how to do so many different stitches, I enjoyed seeing her leaf through it and find just the here's how to something she needs for her piece. The book will I know extend her knowledge so much and be much used.
Winter weather  has arrived here, so I am now going back to enjoy the fire and stitch
Happy Stitching everyone.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Easter greetings everyone and although Easter Eggs belong to Easter Sunday as they represent new life I thought I would share with you now what I have been doing in the past few days. It is some time since I had my icing tubes out and many years since I last decorated eggs like these ones. it has been fun to dust off some old skills. I have done different colours for each member of the family. Caitlin's favourite colour of purple proved hard to mix and with my eye problem these roses looked more grey than mauve hence she has pink ones as well. Here is the basket ready to deliver tomorrow
I have done six eggs in all the pretty pink one going to a Church Auction earlier in the week and yes there is one for me too.

Stitching, yes I have been busy but nothing I can share at the moment, Stitching Friend's Challenge of an embroidered Strawberry is one of the projects I am enjoying and in fact I have got carried away and made several, unfortunately most of the group visit my blog from time to time so I will have to wait till one is posted out before I share. Meanwhile it is IHSW this weekend so I am about to dust off The Wool gatherer and get stitching, nothing was done last month as I was away here is the piece when I worked on it last, hope to have lots of progress by the end os the weekend the weather is wet and I will enjoy being by the fire stitching.
Happy Easter and happy stitching everyone.