Thursday, May 25, 2017

BEFORE MAY GOES...........

before May comes to an end I must post the next piece in my Italian collection. This is Punto Madama or Catherine de Medici stitch. It was a challenge as it is similar to Holbein or double running stitch, but watching the videos the stitch movement on the return is quite different making the stitch not flat like Holbein. Usually stitched with a very thick thread on a course loose linen I needed to adapt to  have it fit into my challenge size or approx 10 cm.

I need to do more to get the technique perfected but that chance may come as our guild think they might take up the Italian Challenge next year .
My thanks for the messages it is good to hear from friends, and as much as I think I will get replies written,  time slips by so quickly or is it that I am slowing down as old age approaches! Possibly both. I have started Linen and Threads Mystery Sampler and loving it. Not tackling the full sampler making mine a bell pull and am a late starter ,  here is my progress so far

Monday, May 1, 2017


Well April came and went before I had time to catch up with it, it did produce along with some extreme storms, a spell of mild sunny weather and in that time no stitching worth mentioning was done, for I took every chance to tackle the fast growing weeds and grasses in my garden. There is always more to be done but I am pleased with what was achieved.

 My March challenge piece  took me a while to complete the border,  here it is my attempt at Byzantine work. The filling is rush stitch which was new to me.  I will post my April piece as soon as I finish the hem.  

 These little chicks were my Easter gift to Finn, I found the pattern on Pinterest the chick bodies were made in one piece that was shaped like a three petal flower, quick and easy to make, and the little ball a good size for little hands, I did not think Chocolate Easter eggs would be a good idea. possibly next year. The girls both got a small basket filled with tiny chocolate eggs with just one chicken on the top.

 Have you seen Linen and Threads mystery Sal ? I have just found it and I know I do not need any more starts....... But yes I have started it ! promise photo of my progress when next I post and will try not to leave it so long