Tuesday, November 1, 2011


You may use any count fabric you wish, it does  need to be an even weave to make stitching the outlines neater.
My sample is worked on 40 count permin  linen but it would work equally as well on 28, 32, or 36 count.

 The finished size of the stitching before it is made up is- 22 x 12cm (approx 9 x 5 inches) but it is easier to work on a slightly larger piece of fabric. The same size piece is needed which ever count you decide to use.

You will also need-
Threads colour of your own choice for all the outlines.
(I used some scraps I had of DMC  Flower thread 2725)
2 shades of green dark and light bluegreen.
gold thread in 2 thicknesses-
fine for adding paillettes   and beads and couching the heavier thread.
gold and red beads.
gold paillettes (flat sequins) or tiny sequins.( here in NZ I can buy tiny ones on a long thread.)
calico or cotton for backing and a selection of ribbons.
Tacking thread.

Do feel free to make changes to colours of threads, ribbons and beads, you may have something you would rather use.

Select your material and tack up ready as shown here.
There is 1cm  seam allowance at each end (none top and bottom)
The centre squares are 5 x5 cm ( 2x2 inches) and the top and bottom ones are 5 x 3.5cm (2 x1 1/2 inches)

I will continue to post the parts of the SAL at intervals over the week, it is quite quick to make once the preparation is done.


nima said...

wow the ornament looks gorgeous...i'll be wathcing this project progress.thank you for sharing

Annette said...

I've been reading and re-reading your post. Gathering up my supplies. Not decided what count fabric yet. Hmmm. But this is exciting. Happy Halloween. In just a few hours we get about 115 trick or treaters.

gracie said...

I must make this!