Thursday, November 10, 2011


Now to the exciting part of making up the Quadrielle.... extra care and time here will make the finish look so much better.

If you have used a backing fabric, pin the layers together before you move on to the next step. The red lines shown here are where you now cut, remember there is no seam allowance at the top or the bottom.

Turn the extra material back behind the points do not cut it off, leaving it makes the finish stronger
Now tack round all the edges to hold every thing in place.
Next step in the fold and iron firmly all the lines that form the sides of the boxes, this pressing makes quite a difference to how the finished piece will look.
Join all the points at the top by whip stitching through your backstitches, adding a loop of narrow ribbon at the top for hanging , dont make this too small as you will be attaching  ribbons to it later

Join the points at the bottom the same way, this time adding a length of the same narrow ribbon you will use to finish. Finally before sewing up the side stuff your quadrielle, (avoid overstuffing as that will make the sides bulge.)

Take two lengths of narrow ribbon , dont cut, but make two large loops and two tails, stitch together at the top  to hold in place then stitch them to the tail on your quadrielle near the base.

Next take 2 lengths of organza ribbon and tie them on just above (or on top ) of where you stitched the narrow ribbon on, finish with a generous bow, turn the quadrielle round and tie on 2 further organza ribbons... this make two bows back to back.

Posted by PicasaFinish by adding to small bows at the top. Feel free to change the ribbons if there is something you like better.

.I look forward to hearing when you have completed your piece and I will stitch a small reward for anyone who sends me a photo of their finished quadrielle.

 If this has been fun, then we might do another SAL next year.


Annette said...

You make this look so easy. Well I'm not there yet but soon. And I will send you a photo as soon as I'm done. Thank you for all your kindness and for this SAL. I am loving it. Happy stitching - Annette

Annette said...

WOOHOO! Done stitching red beads:)) I told myself okay just bead 1 wreath. Got done and thought okay 1 more that wasn't so bad. Well beading turns out to feel very soothing and before you know it I'm done. Next blue green stitches for pine needles. Its 12:46am. Goodnite.

Annette said...

I'm DONE, I'm DONE stitching the blue grn needles and THEN I saw more sequins were to be added. So I did that and I'm DONE. Have you ever seen "The Wave" the crowd does at football games? That's what I'm doing. Waving my arms up in the air. YESSS. Okay I'm off to read finishing instuctions:) Annette

Annette said...

Oh no! CUT?? My palms are very sweaty just thinking about cutting my project. Okay that's a Diet Coke on the rocks for me. forget green tea. I'll be back. Annette

Annette said...

I am completely finished with my ornament. It's beautiful - I love it. Thank you very much Lee, your a great teacher. Okay what's next? :)

StitchCat said...

Thanks for sharing how to make up the quadrielles Lee, I have a Halloween quadrielle kit in my stash to stitch and make up at some stage.