Saturday, July 12, 2014


Friendship dwells in the heart where time and distance are unknown boundries.
I have just finished stitching Blackbird designs Topiary in Bloom on a small gift for Ann's birthday, Annette of California Stitcher had sent me the chart with all the needed threads, solving my problem of sorting out the correct colours, I stitched on 40 count Permin lambs wool and am so grateful that although my eyes struggle to recognise some colours I can still see to use my favourite fine linen I used the main part of the design for the front of the notebook cover I made, 
Stitched the two birds on the inside of the front cover, changing their position and  for the back cover I found a letter A that I could sit a small bird on top, this bird was taken from another Blackbird designs as was ( not shown) a border pattern stitched on the spine of the note book. Constuction for the cover it was stitched on one long piece of linen and back stitched down the edges were it was to turn in.I wrapped it round the book cover before whipping the edges together, this proved to be easier and neater than joining the cover up and then trying to put it on the notebook.
The gift was waiting for her when she arrived down to stay with me, Ann has come down to attend the Embroiderers Guild Conference which is in New Plymouth this weekend and then will spend some time here with me in the following week. Can you imagine all the embroidery talk that will go on while we sit by the fire and stitch. It is certainly sit by the fire weather, up north has been hit by a big storm and heavy rain , we had gale force wind yesterday and early this morning and rain but not to the extreme. I will brave the weather and go up to see the traders mall and guild displays at Conference this afternoon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014




I have had a lot of fun this month trying to decide what to stitch for each of the first four mystery parcels, it has also been hard limiting it to just four people and so for  WEEK FIVE  I have decided to make it a gift for everyone who reads my blog.

To do this I am sharing a new design with you. Going through  some old designs I came across some bird drawings I had made on graph paper I stitch the little bird adding a bullion stitch red rose in its beak. 
Then I played with the design and this was the result, the second one is stitch like Assisi embroidery the background filled with cross stitches. I will use these two piece for a pin keep and mount them on slightly smaller circles of card. I have stitched with an oddment of silk that I can not match with another thread so I will so I will add red roses to one and then I can use dark red perle thread for cords and tassels.

 I will show them again when mounted and I have plans to add to the set, meanwhile I must get stitching on a very special gift, for Caitlin's birthday next month I plan to make her a hussif. The hussif I made for Rachel won an award, so the challenge will be to make this one different but just as special.  Meanwhile here are the charts for my little birds I hope someone might enjoy the gift and stitch them.

Monday, June 23, 2014


When I was one, I had just begun,
When I was two, I was nearly new.
When I was three, I was hardly me.
When I was four, I was not much more.....
A.A. Milne

 As some of my followers are aware, my morning starts with breakfast at the computer, as I eat my cereal I am catching up on everyone's news, you all make my day start on a good note. Yes I have adapted to waking up to face the day with just the cat to say good morning too,

 and so to sit and read all the new postings is like starting the day in the  company of friends.
 This week I thought I would like to send the mystery parcel to some one whose blog postings I enjoy every morning. Oh how I wish I could send something to  you all but that's not possible so one it is,
Most of the blogs I follow belong to embroiderers, our stitching is an interest we share, I love seeing photos of your gardens, flowers having always been part of my life and as is my interest in birds.

 So its most appropriate that the blog I have chosen is Garden Grumbles,  Cross stitch Fumbles and Birding Bumbles. Have you visited Beth's blog she posts everyday the most wonderful  photos of birds and other visitor's to her garden along with flowers she sees on her walks and yes she has her stitching as well  here is a link if you have not found her blog yet. I am off now to visit her blog and tell her a small mystery gift will be on its way to her.
Happy stitching everyone.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


First my thanks to everyone for their messages and good wishes, my health is much improved and the sun is shining at present so I must venture forth soon and stock the pantry once again. Also off to the post office to post week two's mystery gift to Jo. Stitching took a little longer as I did not get anything done for a while  I was battling the cold. I have no photos to share at present as no stitching has been done for the past couple of weeks, but my mind is going round with ideas so I look forward to getting back to my needle and thread.
Well the first weeks mystery gift went off to Bea who had put the first ever comment on my blog, the second going off now to my newest blog follower and THE THIRD GOES TO...................................
I put all the names of my regular followers in a basket and the name I drew out was Vickie of A Stitcher's story.. Congratulations Vickie please sent me your mailing address and I will go and finish stitching my mystery parcel.
 Check back again next week to see where the next mystery parcel will go too

Monday, June 9, 2014


The past week did not turn out to be  very good I am battling a heavy chest cold and would like to think I am winning as there is so much I want to get done. However to the important matters in hand. It is the 2nd Monday of the month and time to announce to who the small mystery gift will go to this week
I have decided to make it my newest follower, so congratulations Jo who can't think of a clever nickname.
Jo if you would send to me  your full name and address I will have the parcel away to you as soon as I am out and about.

 For now I am  giving in and going back to bed

Monday, June 2, 2014


True friendship is a knot tied by Angels.

Here we are with May gone and now its June. June will bring my fifth bloganniversary...  I have just been looking back over my all past postings, lots of memories there mostly good ones but a few sad ones when I come to something Paul and I did together. I am ever grateful for the friendship and support of my many blogging friends. You continue to leave messages for me even when I don't get to reply to them all, your blogs are my morning reading first up each day as .I eat my bowl of cereal sitting at the computer catching up with everyone's news. 
 To celebrate ...five years are certainly worth celebrating, No I am not having a give away I have decided instead to send out five mystery parcels each will be a small embroidered item  there are five Mondays in June so watch my blog each Monday I will announce  to whom I am sent a mystery parcel to. And to make it only five is very hard so I am coming up with some different reasons for each gift. Looking at my list of those who share with me  20 would be a better number, however to be practical I must keep it to five

Week one and today is Monday..( drum roll please) the first mystery parcel is to be  sent to the person who left the first comment ever on my blog, way back 5 years ago and that was  Beaj in Canada.  Your little parcel will be on its way to you when the post office opens tomorrow, it is a holiday Monday here in NZ and. I hope your little parcel does not take too long to travel across the seas to you.
I have no stitching to share at the moment I have had a busy few weeks as we prepared to celebrate our Church's 150 Years Anniversary, we had a wonderful day yesterday bright and sunny which added to the welcome, the service started with the bagpipes together the pipe organ in the tune Amazing Grace, and following the service we sat down to  share together a meal and time to recall the past. I now look forward to a quiet week with lots of stitching.
Back in a weeks time, to share my stitching and to tell of the next mystery parcel.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


You will never find time for anything. If you want time,                    you must make it.”
Charles Buxton

Yes it IHSW again, how quickly the month has gone by. It is time for me to pull out the Wool Gatherer and see how much stitching I can add over these couple of days. The sun is shining  right into the room onto my stitching corner.
 First I want to share with you news I received last night, a group of about 25 ladies today will be stitching my Little flowers ort box. Quite a thrill to know so many were interested. This piece was designed two years ago for my Stitching Friends group. One of the Stitching friends will be taking the class Lyn is an embroidery tutor and specialises in Wessex stitchery I have shown some of her work on my blog in the past.

This is the little folding orts box they are making, starting today with their fabric tacked up ready and then meeting again in three weeks to learn the construction. I will put a Here's How on my other blog
after the weekend so if you are interested in making one watch over there for the instructions.
Now it is time for me to be away and start stitching, reporting back after the weekend.
Happy Stitching everyone.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Curly-locks! Curly-locks! Wilt thou be mine?
Thou shalt not wash dishes, nor yet feed the swine;
But sit on a cushion, and sew a fine seam,
and feed upon strawberries, sugar and cream! 
 did you sing this as a child ?  I have had a lovely time sewing strawberries not eating them with sugar and cream. Stitching friends challenge this time was to make an embroidered strawberry, just one but as you can see I got carried away and I still have a couple to finish. Some of these ones have been made in toning's to suit the person who received them, hence the black and silver one. Mine is the soft mauve so I can tuck it in with my violet needlework accessories. The challenge on is on the bottom left picture and bottom right is the one I sent to Annette in America.  These are very easy to make and rather delightful to use as a small pin cushion.    
   I have shared with you  how to make them on my other blog Other side of the mountain here

Monday, April 28, 2014


What the mind conceives and the heart believes, the spirit achieves.

Firstly a rather belated report on my stitching for IHSW, yes I did managed to add some more stitches to the Wool Gatherer, just love the way his patchwork coat is coming along  unfortunately I find I can not stitch these soft colours in the night light, so not quite as much done as I had hoped.
I am also having trouble with the greens in the other piece I am at present stitching, all I can do is follow the chart and make sure I pick up the correct thread as my eyes cannot tell the difference between the two light green shades. This one is Millennia designs Elizabethan floral Heart Pansy.
I picked it up in a sale basket when I was on holiday last month, marked down as the kit was not complete, I am stitching it on permin 40 count, I might have trouble with colours however I am thankful I can still see to stitch on my favourite linen
I cant wait to share my other stitching project, Stitching Friend's challenge this time was to stitch an embroidered strawberry, after thinking up several ideas including a blackwork one, I really enjoyed stitching my creation, so much so I have now made 4 of them and posted out my Challenge one early so I could share photos with you soon and I will put a HERE's HOW on my other blog.
 Caitlin has had the day here with me stitching, she is working on her exhibition piece,  for the National exhibitions in July, it is quite exciting seeing what she planned for her design taking shape. I have been given a big pile of embroidery books to find homes for and specially any of them for Caitlin if they would be of use to her. Today I passed on to her one of them. A-Z of Embroidery Stitches This is a lovely book with good colour illustrations on how to do so many different stitches, I enjoyed seeing her leaf through it and find just the here's how to something she needs for her piece. The book will I know extend her knowledge so much and be much used.
Winter weather  has arrived here, so I am now going back to enjoy the fire and stitch
Happy Stitching everyone.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Easter greetings everyone and although Easter Eggs belong to Easter Sunday as they represent new life I thought I would share with you now what I have been doing in the past few days. It is some time since I had my icing tubes out and many years since I last decorated eggs like these ones. it has been fun to dust off some old skills. I have done different colours for each member of the family. Caitlin's favourite colour of purple proved hard to mix and with my eye problem these roses looked more grey than mauve hence she has pink ones as well. Here is the basket ready to deliver tomorrow
I have done six eggs in all the pretty pink one going to a Church Auction earlier in the week and yes there is one for me too.

Stitching, yes I have been busy but nothing I can share at the moment, Stitching Friend's Challenge of an embroidered Strawberry is one of the projects I am enjoying and in fact I have got carried away and made several, unfortunately most of the group visit my blog from time to time so I will have to wait till one is posted out before I share. Meanwhile it is IHSW this weekend so I am about to dust off The Wool gatherer and get stitching, nothing was done last month as I was away here is the piece when I worked on it last, hope to have lots of progress by the end os the weekend the weather is wet and I will enjoy being by the fire stitching.
Happy Easter and happy stitching everyone.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


..................Love of the present, interwoven with memories of the past and dreams of the future............

This photo of Jan taken many years ago is a favourite one of mine  for it tells a story to me of a young girl  who loved ballet and dancing,  but never to be a star pupil, but her special moment came when she wrote a ballet story for a competition and won, her prize was  two tickets to see the Tchaikovsky Ballet Company perform. Later her story was produced as a ballet by her ballet teacher  and she danced the leading role.
 All mother's hold treasured memories of their children, Jan now many years later has just celebrated her 48th Birthday and so I have 48 years of special memories.
Last year I asked my family to each chose something they would like me to stitch for them- something they might treasure, Jan's was the last of these pieces to be stitched and she chose the Needle roll from With My needle design Miss Trenner's needlework Academy.

I changed one word  making it daughter instead of teacher  It was a lovely piece to stitch, I used 35 count Charles craft  linen and stitched with the recommended DMC colours, and have used Doctor Flannel on the inside.  Had fun stitching the little rabbits at night as the thread looked decidedly green to me but knew I was using the right number, next morning in the daylight they had changed to light brown.!

My trip across to Napier to stay with my sister and her husband was so I could attend the class with Ellen Chester of With My Needle, I went across by bus on the Tuesday and had a couple of quiet days before the class which I knew would be a long day the class being from 9am-5pm. Sherelyn of Heirlooms organised the class and she did everything just perfectly it was more than a class it was a special event. Held at the Mission Estate Winery, how appropriate we were stitching Ellen's design Fruits of the Vine. The class was held upstairs in the library and we came down to the restaurant on the front lawn for our lunch and dined in style. Visit  Ellen's blog and you will see the photos she took during the class. The day after the class I made some progress on the needle roll  but there has been no time to stitch on this piece since then.
 On the Sunday following the class we went on to Tauranga, this was the only wet day during my time away. I stayed with Olwen and Bill till the Friday and these were days catching up with each other , out to lunch one day and a brows in some special shops. a little shopping! a day visit with the Tauranga Guild and here again was meeting up with some very old friends, including Doreen who was one of the first members of the Tokoroa Embroiderers Guild when that Guild was formed in about 1982. Some of the guild memebers are stitching  my mystery sampler and the white work one, one lady brought her work for me to see the progress.
 Another day we went for a drive to Makatu  Beach and enjoyed fish and chips for lunch, The lovely warm weather meant that we could sit out side for breakfast each morning  and by the time I returned home the weather here had that cooler Autumn feel to it.

 I notice the number of followers to my blog have jumped up- welcome to everyone, I hope you will find something of interest from time to time in my postings.
The quote at the top of this posting comes from a gift Jan shared with me sometime ago,  I finish with the full quote 
The Love between a mother and daughter is a bond
of the strongest kind. it is the love of the present,
interwoven with memories of the past
 and dreams of the future.
It is the wanting of only the best for each other
and wanting to help anytime there is a need.
It is making time for each other to be together
and knowing just what to do and say.
It is an unconditional, forever kind of love.

Monday, March 24, 2014



I arrived home on Friday after a 8 hour bus trip and in time to register for IHSW, my project for the weekend was to start and stitch as much as possible of  the needle roll from With My needles  design- Miss Trenner's Needlework Academy. I have previously stitched  one of the box panels from this set  and made it into a lavender cushion for my sister.

This time I am stitching for my daughter Jan's birthday gift, and the needle roll was her choice, here is my progress after the weekend.

I'm off to continue stitching her birthday is this week, back soon to share news of my trip and '
Ellen Chester's class in Napier.