Sunday, June 12, 2016


My secret squirrel project is finished and left by courier it will be a few weeks before I can share the photos..   I have not yet stitched my fob for June but there is still time, however I have finished stitching my piece for the guild challenge. The challenge this year was to do a letter of the alphabet in any embroidery technique we wished as long as it fitted into a 10cm square.
 My letter is cut from a piece of raw silk (once a skirt and I have used so many piece from it over the years) it is outlined with a brown silk and mounted on a piece of lovely mottled linen....
. Here it is in the very early stages! The little rabbit is stump work.

In this photo the colour is more true.....and I was pleased with the way it was coming along.

French knots, needle weaving for the leaves and very small copper bead caps for flowers completed the design and it is finished ready for mounting on a piece of cardboard.

Its is almost time for my blog anniversary, watch out for my next posting for more news on this.
Thanks for visiting

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Continuing my woodland theme, this month's fob is a small owl. Found one I liked on Pinterest but the chart did not print off properly and along with my using finer linen I ended up stitching an adapted design in fact both these little owls are different. Love the tiny bead caps that I have used for Flowers  specially the copper ones, it's great having a bead shop here in town, now instead of stock up when ever I saw something in case I could use it in the future I am now able to go there with my project and see and select what I need..... And the selection includes items I have never seen before, it's fun.  What next... I have more ideas than time available to follow up on them.
 Currently working on a secret squirrel project, making good progress but will be a couple of months before I can share it. This project is the reason I have not had time to set up a posting on my blog.
I can however share what I recently to Cindy, needlework accessories on a blue theme, to which I hope later to be able to complete the set.

Oh for a few extra hours that I can fit in all I want to stitch. With winter upon us here, there is hope for that, time spent sitting by the fire with needle and thread in hand.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Kim asked how do I use part of a zipper to edge my fob shown back on some of my previous my posts........ I found many different ways on the Internet but this is the method I am using, so Kim here are some photos that might explain

First I run a tacking stitch along the fabric close to the zip teeth, this will ease the fabric later making it lie neater on the inside, I cut most of the fabric off, I have seen one example on the internet where they cut right back against the teeth... I think having a small amount of fabric makes it easier to handle.

I have a circle of felt to which I stitch the zipper, a course zipper is easier to stitch on and I stitch between each of the teeth where the two ends meet is the ideal place to add the cord hanger. My cross stitch design has been mounted ready on a small circle of cardboard, Stitching this onto the felt, I can place it in the centre or to one side if I prefer.

Back with a slightly smaller circle of cardboard  so it sits inside the zipper then sew a circle of felt on the back
This one was edged with a finer zip and I found it hard to see where I had stitched, I did not stitch between all the zipper teeth just spaced my stitches evenly.

Hope this is of use to some one ... have fun.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Little treasures from my garden............stitched for Jan 2016

some time since I posted progress on the flowers I have been stitching for Jan, last time was August,  Jan's request has been to have the little flowers I stitch that remind her so much of her Grandmother my mother,
Here is the bottom pocket, the stitching of it was full of happy memories for me each of the different flowers had their own story, some because of remembering in my childhood the waiting for a flower bud like the snowdrop to appear each year, there were only a couple of bulbs but they were very precious., others because like dianthus Mary in the centre was my own design charted from my drawing and first stitched with a flower of the arm of my chair for inspiration. 
This is the front of the needle book and here below are the pieces layer out ready for putting together. In total I managed to include 15 different flowers, there were a few more I thought of but did not use as I did not find the right spot to put them in.

Inside the needle book is the quote.....
The stitcher with needle 'n thread,  She plies the art of making beauty for the heart.

Blue is Jan's favourite colour, the blue silk that is the inside of the hussif came from Annette in America and is just perfect. Because the outer fabric is very blue I have changed the blue tones of the harebells which are on most of the accessories tucked in the pockets. I have also used several tiny bees and lady birds charms these and the lovely butterfly charm by the floss ring are Susan Clarke charms from America I love them and. know of two shops here in NZ who stock them.

The outer fabric could be forget-me-nots  certainly makes me think of Chatham Island Forget-me-nots that my mother grew years ago in our garden way down south. Jan's birthday was a special mile stone,  her 50th and the hussif has now been delivered  to her. I'm still stitching harebells as I want to share them with a friend.

 Thank you to all who left a comment about my latest Scissor fob. the challenge now to find the next idea possibly mount it differently and have it ready in a months time

Monday, April 4, 2016


April is here and come in here with true April Showers, makes good weather to be inside and stitch, I have continued my woodland theme and my latest fob is an acorn shape with a little squirrel on it. We don't have squirrels here in New Zealand, not sure why as several birds and some animals were imported by the early pioneers. this one is from a chart found on Pinterest but no source given only clue the wording was French.  as it is Autumn here the acorns are dropping must collect some specially the caps as I have an idea for a project.
This is just a short post I will be back in a couple of days to share photos of the main project I have been working on and now finished and given away

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


March is going fast and I have not kept you up to date with what is happening here,  First to share with you these beautiful tatted hearts a gift from Carollyn of Carollyn's tatting blog here is a link to her blog the photo does not do justice to the perfect and so even little knots, how I admire this work my own attempts some years ago were a disaster. Thank you Carollyn  I do love my little hearts.

I have made some more Easter eggs for my tree  seen here as work in progress, I will share my main stitching effort in my next post as I have yet to sort out the photos.
Meanwhile this is my tree this year, think it needs a few more eggs and that will be my effort for next year.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


 A new month and another challenge piece, my scissor fob for this month has a tiny grey rabbit on it, I can not give any credit for the design source as I first stitched this design many years ago and no longer have the chart, stitching it this time I copier from the piece I had previously stitched.
Again this time I have mounted it using part of a zip round the edge, more silver jewellery findings make up the decoration, I really must go back to the bead shop and explore what else in available to use in this way.
With Easter being at the end of this month I am planning to add a few more Easter egg decorations to what I made last year for my small tree. Here is the first one another chart I have had in my collection for a long time and was reminded of it when I saw it on Pinterest recently .
Thank you to all who visited my blog postings recently and left comments sorry no replies still trying to catch up after being away. specially the battle with the weeds in the garden
Back in a few days to share what I am stitching and I hope more eggs.

Sunday, February 21, 2016


  Enjoying a few days of dressing up of a different kind I am in Napier with my sister Joan and Denis her husband to enjoy some of the events during Napier 's Art Deco Festival. So far on the first day we went to the movies , to see "Flying Down to Rio" with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  Then out to dinner with friends in the evening.
Next day we took the rail car shuttle to the neighbouring city of Hastings, turning back the clock again the rail car we travelled on was 73 years old. At Hastings we did a guided walk of historical buildings before travelling back again

Here is the three of us in our finery.

The fun is that everyone dresses up and so you see a great number of 1930'S outfits where ever you go. Evening we went into town to picnic and see the show at the sound shell
Yesterday following a quiet day at home and yes I did do some stitching, we went out for dinner .... The Alfresco Munch at the Hawkes Bay Club where we dinned at tables under umbrellas on the lawn, my outfit was one Maree had created specially for me for this event.

Monday, February 15, 2016


 Annie's recent comment that I should be called "The Queen of Hearts" after all the hearts I had stitched over the years... well turn back the clock to 1941 and here is the Queen of Hearts

My special dance in the Ballet Recital that year was in the Nursery Rhyme sequence. I remember we came through a large book at the back of the stage and yes I was the queen of hearts. Mother had baked Jam tarts and then glued them into a patty tray so they would not move when I danced. After my dance the policeman back stage asked if he could have one of my tarts. I told him they were stuck in but he took out his pen knife and removed one and ate it...... later I panicked that because of the glue I had poisoned a policeman, however he must have lived on as I was never had up for murder.

The rather sad heart in the top corner is from my dress the only one left.

Happy Valentine Day to you all
From the Queen of Hearts.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


I wanted  this years hearts to be filled with lavender I had the idea of a butterfly with his wings not stitched down and some flowers, shopping in town I found this butterfly it was perfect but there was only one. The heart is blue felt covered with net and net on the back enclosing the lavender.  This one has gone to  friend as a t"hank you" for all the encouragement she gives to me.

There are five of us in Stitching friends group  so I needed four hearts, These were also lavender filled and as three of the four have now arrived ( the last person must be away at the moment) I feel I can show them to you. and as this posting will be a little photo heavy I will let the photos speak for themselves. Wish I had time to make more and share them with you all

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Over the years I have created and stitch  many small hearts...... these ones were stitched one year to share with Stitching Friends Group, in this case the linen was dyed with Raspberry tea to give it the pretty pink shade and the stitching was pulled thread work. Looking on Pinterest for inspiration before Christmas I found the lovely work of Paulette on her  Beedeebabee's  Blog  see here  a visit to the Bead Hold Shop, yes we now have a bead shop here in Stratford which is just great when collecting bits and pieces to add to designs. This time I came away with a selection of silver findings that looked like small flowers, and of course more beads. The hearts were made on white felt covered with lace and edged with pearls, having been given a large amount of pearls on thread left over from wedding decorations using these was quicker than sewing each bead on round the edge. Have enlarged the photo so you can see the details.
These were petite hearts  about and inch and a half across. For my next effort a larger heart was the project and I wanted the heart to be something useful,  I posted out five last week, four  to Stitching Friends members and one to another friend, now I wait till they arrive so I can share them with you.
We have had a long weekend holiday here in New Zealand so I guess mail is slower this week. One has arrived but it would spoil the fun to share  that with you before the rest....... so all I can say is watch this space.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


First up is my challenge piece for February, I had not thought of including a fox in my woodland theme till this little chap caught my attention on Pinterest, I also found the chart and all the different ways other people had used this design, he certainly was popular. Quick to stitch I have now stitched him a couple of times and made them up as scissor fobs, the other
one has already gone to a new home and this one................ well I will possible share him with someone later meanwhile I am enjoying his company.
Yes I have given in and started stitching Snow flower diaries SAL and the first one is a fox...expect to see it posted soon, was inspired on when I have saw the finished piece stitched by several blogging friends.  My start was delayed till I had finished some special pieces I was working on last month, they will now go in the mail and I will be able to share them with you later in the month.
Yesterday I packed away all the sewing bits from the last projects that had cluttered round my chair and on the coffee table, now with a clear working space, new month am off to make new stitching plans,

Time flies, but memories collected along the way can never be replaced.
Ashley Tisdale