Monday, November 24, 2014


I had a little nut tree nothing would it bear but a silver nutmeg and a golden pear
Stitching friends Challenge for October/November was to stitch a golden pear  and I had an idea to create something different from the one I had stitched some years ago from a magazine. I did my trial one using apricot silk fabric with a sheer on top and stitched in autumn colours, I managed this with out my glasses as the placement did not need to be as precise as count thread work. This pear went over to America to Annette of California Stitcher who had decorated her house for Autumn 

Happy with they way my idea had turned out I then set about stitching my Golden Pear for the challenge. Fabric is gold tissue fabric with a sheer overlay The leaf is green silk and the stem a piece of dried wisteria branch painted gold.  As this was to go to Ann I had the pleasure of taking it to her instead of posting it.

 Now I would like to make one for myself!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Last night was our Embroiderers Guild Christmas dinner and of course we have a parcel exchange you can make or buy your gift but it should be about $5, I decided to make a hanging decoration. When I found out Maree had recieved it I was sure she must have seen it in progress on one of her visits to see me but luckily no.... must have been burried somewhere under the large pile of bits on my coffee table that serves as my work area. I received a delightful glass angel in my gift.
 here is the piece i stitched.......

It was a fun piece to stitch. back soon with another exchange although my piece has gone out the official posting date is the 20th of November so will wait a few more days and then share it with you.

Happy stitching

Friday, November 14, 2014


Well I did not realize it would be so very long before I could get back to blogging again.
 Firstly the Good news that has kept me away.... I have had my eye surgery, and how colourful the world is again, however on the down side its been two months wait to get my new glasses............   two month and almost no stitching, also unable to read anything on the computer how I have missed keeping up to date with everyone's news in the past, I have sat at the computer each morning with my breakfast and read everyone's news ...look forward to doing that again now.

 From Annette  of California Stitcher, I have received two parcels . the first was a collection of really interesting bits and pieces, my photo is not a good one  not seeing clearly at the time it was a case of aim the camera and hope for the best.Included in the parcel was a snooty parrot  charm that I need to find a special piece to attach it too.

and then this parcel came from Annette for my birthday I love the box she made for me with the BBD design on top and the inside is beautifully finished with interesting pieces tucked in there.....  and the blue silk is just perfect for a special project I have planned

My sister Joan and her husband Denis came to visit for a few days and we took the opportunity to have some photos taken together ready for their visit to Australia and they will be visiting our brother in Queensland.( did you notice my new look I have my hair short for the first time in 50 years)  we also did some clothing shopping, I am not  very good at shopping so having company helped me make the effort and several new tops were added to my wardrobe ready for my trip north and the summer.

 At the end of October I  went north to stay with my friend Ann and to attend the 25th Anniversary of the Coromandel Embroiderers guild. that day was a lovely reunion with many old friends. As I have done before on special occasions for the guild I made an embroidered piece that was a lucky draw on the day,  it was decided it should be for present members and the draw was done at the AGM that started the day, before we went on the the exhibition opening and Birthday lunch at the Pepper Tree restaurant. I had been working on the background for this piece and when the date for my eye surgery was brought forward it was a  rush finish to the blackwork. background.   After the surgery I managed to finish the rest of the stitching mostly working using one eye  I now have one new long sighted eye and one very very short sighted eye. After I mounted it Maree came in and looked it over for me to make sure it was all finished off properly which I was very grateful for.
 Do you remember seeing the blackwork on previous postings ?

well here is the finished piece

The first thing I did when I got my new glasses was to come home and check that I could see to stitch on 40 count fabric yes there was a loud cheer to say I could... am not quite ready to stitch on sacking yet.! Then I went out and drove the car good to have my independence back  Life is good.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

JUST TO SAY...............

Just to say I am still here and all is well  not able to share my stitch at present - one piece is  stitching friend's challenge,  another is a birthday gift and there is also RAK along with the blackwork piece that needs to be finished next month

will be back soon and hopefully with good news to share

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Where have I been and what have I been stitching ? first up I did achieve some planned  stitching for IHSW, as shown here-
I like the way it is coming along although I do not enjoy stitching on such coarse linen however  I will hopefully not have to wait to long till I can enjoy stitching with no sight problems. I have a date all going well for Cataract surgery later in September. The blackwork pattern here will form the background with more stitching on top. will share the progress of this as I get on.

 Following Hermits weekend I worked on a hussif for Caitlin's birthday, her choice of colour would always be purple and I found the lovely rich cotton I used for the outside on my trip to Napier earlier in the year, The lining is a soft mauve silk, almost a grey mauve Annette had sent this to me and there was just enough, some help from Maree who did the quilting and then a very enjoyable time stitching lots of bullion stitch roses. Pink Roses and gold butterflies was the theme. look closely and you will see lots of tiny gold butterfly charms, Ann found these for me at the Trader's mall at conference.

The bottom pocket has an extra small pocket on the front to hold a small ruler and inside that pocket I out the pin keep and the covered tape measure.  the middle pocket has the scissor case and needle book on the outside of it. and the top one is a flap  that open with the thread holders there.
It was here birthday on Friday, how the years have gone by she is now 17 and the hussif was delivered to her in person so I could see her reaction when she opened her parcel  

A new month starts tomorrow and first up will be finished some more Gold butterflies to send away, the blackwork Heart and Stitcher's challenge this time is a needleroll ( the type that looks like a cracker) I have found a chart I like now to sort out fabric and threads so I can get started.

 Thank you for visiting I will try and not leave it so long before I post again. 

PS for new followers of my blog below is the hussif made about 3 years ago for Rachel the oldest of my granddaughters. The theme for this one was  Roses for Rachel

Friday, August 15, 2014


How quickly the months go round and this weekend will be IHSW, I hope this time to make a better effort, last month's was disaster  although I had great plans not a stitch was done. I have been working on some blackwork which will form the background for a design, here it is with my progress to date.

Hopefully over the weekend  would like to complete the left side., the unusual shape is because when finished it will cover a heart shaped piece of cardboard... more about this later. Yes I have finally got round to stitching on sacking that is 28 count linen and I am using white coton a broder 35 for the stitching with petite white beads in the centres of the chain stitches. I am also working on another piece that also calls for no colour decisions. Started some years ago and put aside when more interesting things came along, it is intended as a cushion cover

I am at present working on the motifs that are filled with four sided stitch over 2 threads, there are 49 of these motifs and starting at the beginning of this month my plan was to stitch one motif a day however I am a little behind on my intentions, so I better stop typing and head off to a comfortable chair by the fire and start stitching
Will be back after the weekend to report my progress.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”   Edith Sitwell

Its the middle of winter here and the mountain looks just like my photo header, regal and white, we have been bless with some sunshine while other parts of the country have suffered with rain, floods and snow.
For me this has been a muddily month, the highlight being Ann's visit, she arrived just before the Embroiderer's Guild Conference (which she attended) and for the rest of her week here we sat and stitched and chatted went to New Plymouth and went out to lunch a couple of times a real treat not something you do on your own , shopping at my favourite garden centre, visited the Embroidery exhibitions was delighted in Maree's winning the best traditional with her piece St Michael  and specially delighted for Jan's school as the children's quilt was placed second. 

 For two school terms last year I went out to Rawhitiroa School once a week to work with the children on the blocks for a wall quilt. The theme chosen was Lake Rotokare a wild life sanctuary near the school that the pupils visit several times in a year  for anyone interested I have put a link here to  the lake  . The School is divided into 4 houses each named for a native tree found in the lake area and on the quilt there four trees  form the corners of the quilt, for this part I was fortunate to work with children that had a little embroidery knowledge and so each of these blocks have a small spray of foliage and berries worked by the children, each house has two bird found in the lake area in their corner and the centre is a photograph taken by a parent, printed in 4 parts on fabric and stitched over to highlight the picture by the children. the children's ages range from 5 -13 years and every child in the school put a few stitches on the quilt, most of which is applique.
In brief the lows of the months was car trouble... now sorted and a WOF passed this week,  no internet connection on the computer, now that was a major disruption in my life and a major cost to fix seems I had collected a virus that was taking over!!!! And the frustration of not being able to stitch to the standard I expect of my self and not ready yet to stitch on sacking, I need to learn to be patient as my eye problems- cataracts will not be with me forever. I will share with you the one piece Idid finish in the past month that is after several starts and much reverse stitching.

Stitching Friends Challenge was to stitch Papillon Creation's Byzantine Gem it is a freebie to subscribers of her newsletter. Lyn, Joan and I are all stitching her Round the World although mine has been put aside for the moment. For the Challenge we were to stitch the Gem and make it up into any item we wish I made mine into a clasp on a book cover. here is the one I received from Lyn complete with its own easel to display it on.

Thank you for the emails because of my absence from blogging asking if I am OK   I have taken up one suggestion of having a message prepared ready, to post to say I am around but busy at the moment.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Friendship dwells in the heart where time and distance are unknown boundries.
I have just finished stitching Blackbird designs Topiary in Bloom on a small gift for Ann's birthday, Annette of California Stitcher had sent me the chart with all the needed threads, solving my problem of sorting out the correct colours, I stitched on 40 count Permin lambs wool and am so grateful that although my eyes struggle to recognise some colours I can still see to use my favourite fine linen I used the main part of the design for the front of the notebook cover I made, 
Stitched the two birds on the inside of the front cover, changing their position and  for the back cover I found a letter A that I could sit a small bird on top, this bird was taken from another Blackbird designs as was ( not shown) a border pattern stitched on the spine of the note book. Constuction for the cover it was stitched on one long piece of linen and back stitched down the edges were it was to turn in.I wrapped it round the book cover before whipping the edges together, this proved to be easier and neater than joining the cover up and then trying to put it on the notebook.
The gift was waiting for her when she arrived down to stay with me, Ann has come down to attend the Embroiderers Guild Conference which is in New Plymouth this weekend and then will spend some time here with me in the following week. Can you imagine all the embroidery talk that will go on while we sit by the fire and stitch. It is certainly sit by the fire weather, up north has been hit by a big storm and heavy rain , we had gale force wind yesterday and early this morning and rain but not to the extreme. I will brave the weather and go up to see the traders mall and guild displays at Conference this afternoon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014




I have had a lot of fun this month trying to decide what to stitch for each of the first four mystery parcels, it has also been hard limiting it to just four people and so for  WEEK FIVE  I have decided to make it a gift for everyone who reads my blog.

To do this I am sharing a new design with you. Going through  some old designs I came across some bird drawings I had made on graph paper I stitch the little bird adding a bullion stitch red rose in its beak. 
Then I played with the design and this was the result, the second one is stitch like Assisi embroidery the background filled with cross stitches. I will use these two piece for a pin keep and mount them on slightly smaller circles of card. I have stitched with an oddment of silk that I can not match with another thread so I will so I will add red roses to one and then I can use dark red perle thread for cords and tassels.

 I will show them again when mounted and I have plans to add to the set, meanwhile I must get stitching on a very special gift, for Caitlin's birthday next month I plan to make her a hussif. The hussif I made for Rachel won an award, so the challenge will be to make this one different but just as special.  Meanwhile here are the charts for my little birds I hope someone might enjoy the gift and stitch them.

Monday, June 23, 2014


When I was one, I had just begun,
When I was two, I was nearly new.
When I was three, I was hardly me.
When I was four, I was not much more.....
A.A. Milne

 As some of my followers are aware, my morning starts with breakfast at the computer, as I eat my cereal I am catching up on everyone's news, you all make my day start on a good note. Yes I have adapted to waking up to face the day with just the cat to say good morning too,

 and so to sit and read all the new postings is like starting the day in the  company of friends.
 This week I thought I would like to send the mystery parcel to some one whose blog postings I enjoy every morning. Oh how I wish I could send something to  you all but that's not possible so one it is,
Most of the blogs I follow belong to embroiderers, our stitching is an interest we share, I love seeing photos of your gardens, flowers having always been part of my life and as is my interest in birds.

 So its most appropriate that the blog I have chosen is Garden Grumbles,  Cross stitch Fumbles and Birding Bumbles. Have you visited Beth's blog she posts everyday the most wonderful  photos of birds and other visitor's to her garden along with flowers she sees on her walks and yes she has her stitching as well  here is a link if you have not found her blog yet. I am off now to visit her blog and tell her a small mystery gift will be on its way to her.
Happy stitching everyone.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


First my thanks to everyone for their messages and good wishes, my health is much improved and the sun is shining at present so I must venture forth soon and stock the pantry once again. Also off to the post office to post week two's mystery gift to Jo. Stitching took a little longer as I did not get anything done for a while  I was battling the cold. I have no photos to share at present as no stitching has been done for the past couple of weeks, but my mind is going round with ideas so I look forward to getting back to my needle and thread.
Well the first weeks mystery gift went off to Bea who had put the first ever comment on my blog, the second going off now to my newest blog follower and THE THIRD GOES TO...................................
I put all the names of my regular followers in a basket and the name I drew out was Vickie of A Stitcher's story.. Congratulations Vickie please sent me your mailing address and I will go and finish stitching my mystery parcel.
 Check back again next week to see where the next mystery parcel will go too

Monday, June 9, 2014


The past week did not turn out to be  very good I am battling a heavy chest cold and would like to think I am winning as there is so much I want to get done. However to the important matters in hand. It is the 2nd Monday of the month and time to announce to who the small mystery gift will go to this week
I have decided to make it my newest follower, so congratulations Jo who can't think of a clever nickname.
Jo if you would send to me  your full name and address I will have the parcel away to you as soon as I am out and about.

 For now I am  giving in and going back to bed