Tuesday, February 2, 2016


First up is my challenge piece for February, I had not thought of including a fox in my woodland theme till this little chap caught my attention on Pinterest, I also found the chart and all the different ways other people had used this design, he certainly was popular. Quick to stitch I have now stitched him a couple of times and made them up as scissor fobs, the other
one has already gone to a new home and this one................ well I will possible share him with someone later meanwhile I am enjoying his company.
Yes I have given in and started stitching Snow flower diaries SAL and the first one is a fox...expect to see it posted soon, was inspired on when I have saw the finished piece stitched by several blogging friends.  My start was delayed till I had finished some special pieces I was working on last month, they will now go in the mail and I will be able to share them with you later in the month.
Yesterday I packed away all the sewing bits from the last projects that had cluttered round my chair and on the coffee table, now with a clear working space, new month am off to make new stitching plans,

Time flies, but memories collected along the way can never be replaced.
Ashley Tisdale

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I have set myself a new challenge for 2016. My stitching list is as usual quite long so I wanted something that I could stitch to take a break and would be completed quickly, a couple of nights at the most, so fun without encroaching on my main stitching time. I have set myself the challenge of stitching one scissor fob  a month , for these I have chosen the theme woodland creatures,  and my first one is the fantail and no  walk in the bush is ever complete with   out the company of a  friendly little  Piwakawaka the fantail . this tiny Fantail design comes from my friend Ann's needle roll she designed for a workshop at the Coromandel Guild Retreat in 2011 I did not do her workshop as I was teaching the other workshop at the same time but did stitch it later as a birthday gift for Annette of California Stitcher's blog.

My visit to the Christmas Shop last year added two little fantail birds to my bird collection for my little tree, and the Christmas decorations have been packed away and the birds are now on the tree, think I need a few more to improve the display, here are the new additions, the fantails.

Another challenge came from Caitlin, she has just been staying with me for two weeks having  chosen to be here rather than going off to the South Island with the family in the motor home. the past year study has not left her much stitching time so we agreed on a stitching project that was her choice and with a deadline of January guild meeting.  No surprise that her choice of technique was black work, the project a 15 piece biscornu.  Caitlin will not make the deadline so for her it has now been extended to the end of the month, I have finished mine and here it is stitched on 35 count Permin linen stitching over three threads with one strand of D M C 904.

What next.... well there are always the larger projects that must get done however I like Snowflower Diaries SAL  and may give in to temptation! Is anyone else stitching it?Check it out here

Thank you for all your encouraging comments, yes I do visit your blogs too and this year I will try and be better at leaving comments and replying to comments on my blog and oh as well blogging more often........... not new year resolutions just hopefully good intentions. Ileave you with this thought.

Do more of what makes your heart sing, your eyes sparkle and your soul soar’ Rebecca Fox.

Monday, January 11, 2016


Now that Christmas is over, parcels opened I can share with you what I stitched for a Christmas gift for Annette of California Stitcher's blog   This cube pincushion has a floral wreath for each of the four seasons going round its sides,  lots of enjoyment in both the planning and the stitching would like to make another one when time permits.

Caitlin is staying with me at present for a couple of weeks and we have set ourselves a stitching challenge, I hope to be back next week reporting our progress, next tuesday is guild meeting and we need to have our challenge finished to go on the show and tell table that evening.

 Happy stitching everyone.

Friday, January 1, 2016

GOODBYE 2015- HALLO 2016

Now home again from my trip to Queensland, Australia, I am finding it hard to settle back into a routine again,  and as a result am rather late in writing a post for my blog. the trip was a gift from my sister Joan and her husband, Joan was determine that we three siblings would be together to celebrate Donald's 70th birthday, the last time we were all together would have been in 1978, although over the years that followed we had both seen Donald on several occasions.
 The three of us taken in about 1950 Lee Donald and Joan
and here again as we are now ( in reverse order this time 
Joan on the left, then Donald and myself.)

  Donald's home in now with friends in Queensland Australia, we flew from Wellington to the Gold Coast and then drove the long trip north, to Gin Gin. Joan had carefully planned the trip with stops at points of interest on the way, one of these was to visit Portside Maryborough and see Mary Poppin's statue unfortunately at this time it rained so it was just a quick photo taken sharing the umbrella with Mary Poppins, outside the building where Mary Poppins author P L  Travers was born, next door was a cafe called A spoonful of sugar but we did not have the chance of a coffee with a spoonful of sugar as they were closing up for the day..

 This was our only wet day, the weather was very warm but not quite as warm as I expected, in fact dreaded, so we're very lucky, we were able to spend five days up in the north, country was very different and I enjoyed seeing all the bird life, many were very colourful like these Lorikeets.
Following our time up North we had three days on the Gold Coast and there I saw pelicans for the first time much larger birds than I expected.

Returning home a few days before Christmas  the year has now  raced to its end,  in fact the whole of 2015 seems to have just flown by! Thank you to all my blogging friends who have shared the past year with me I look forward to visiting your blogs to read your news and to know what delights you are stitching, and to have your comments when you visit my blog in the year ahead.

 Its January 1st here and for the coming year  I am..........................

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


An email message this morning from Smily let me know that the robins had finally arrived after much delay on my part.  I am glad that they have safely arrived  and she has several photos up on her blog.  here is a link to her blog  

 My bus leaves this afternoon taking me to Wellington to meet with my sister and her husband then we fly to Australia   will post again on my return.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

AN UPDATE.........

all good intentions to post in November flew away about as fast as the month did for me...so before December does the same here is all my news.
 Firstly thank you to Cindy who despite all that the year has thrown at her came through with the planned Christmas exchange... it arrived very early accompanied  with some treats for my birthday.    I have hung it by my computer  so I can enjoy it, the big tree is not going up this year for reasons that will be shared later.

for my Christmas Decoration I sent to Cindy I did a cube, this was a very enjoyable piece to stitch.

I also received my exchange piece from Stitching friends challenge a scissor fob, truly this piece stitched by Heather is far to lovely to be on a pair of scissors and I have put it on one of my sewing bags where I can enjoy it without  it being handled as much as when attached to scissors. The tiny fob on the bottom is less than an inch across, such perfect tiny stitches. 

and there is more........ Annette from California Stitcher sent me  this lovely needle
book..the design is Ann Hathaway's cottage. It's too lovely to use and don't you love all the silk ribbons so in keeping with the age in time that it represents and what a lot of stitching I am in awe. Thank you Annette for for all the work and love that went into stitching this for me.

Ann came down from Whitianga for my birthday weekend and we went to the Embroidery Exhibition caught up with several of old friends there and on the Saturday when other friends dropped in to say Hi, .............. had a picnic  by the lake ..........went to the Christmas shop ...........visited Maree and heard all about her trip she went on the Casket tour in Scotland and England...........and of course we talked and stitched together.  And this month it will be my turn to go away overseas.
With my sister and her husband we fly out to Queensland Australia next Wednesday for a short trip specially to celebrate with our brother his 70th birthday,it is close to twenty five years since I last saw Donald so it will be some reunion.   Will return just before Christmas, and hopefully a December posting will follow to share the latest news.....................
.....................meanwhile happy Stitching  everyone.

Saturday, October 24, 2015


There is real pleasure and enjoyment  in stitching that special gift.... I share with you two birthday gifts stitched recently.

This is my birthday gift to Annette of California Stitcher and as she has received it and shown it on her blog I can now share the photos. We have a new bead shop here in Stratford and it was so nice to take my work in progress up there and match colours and  be able to select just what was needed to add to what I had in hand. I describe this as encrusted surface work  and I look forward to using this idea further.
 My second box is now on its way north and by the time you read this will have been received......
it is for my eldest granddaughter Rachel's 21st birthday gift, about 20 years ago I stitched a box for daughter Jan's 21st  to hold her birthday gift  and inside was also a stitched gold work key.. I have the box at the moment looking quite faded deep blue silk is bad for that! and missing the key.

At Jan's suggestion I made a box for Rachel, this time using silver embroidery as her preference is silver rather than gold, on the top of her box I stitched one of my beetles,

 and yes again a stitched key inside to represent the 21st birthday,

  lift it off and in the box I had tucked some special treasures, 
   the first was a silver locket that had belonged to her great, great grandmother and had been passed down through the generations. ( I dated the hallmark Birmingham 1902) 
  A little Owl, one of my treasures that Paul had bought for me some years ago and till now sat beside the clock by my computer, I wanted her to have something to remember her grandfather. 
and in a little fabric bag 21 coins to represent her 21 years.

My sister bought the lovely dark blue silk for me when she was overseas this year, and at the same time bought a beautiful deep purple silk ready for me to make Caitlin's box in the future.

Next up will be some Christmas stitching, thank to all who have visited my blog and left comments, I try to reply but as the computer now sends all messages to one file I keep getting lost to which ones I have replied to and which I still need to. Just know I love hearing from you and appreciated the time taken to send a message.


Friday, October 9, 2015


This lovely clematis with its delicate green flowers has been flowering by the window nearest to my chair and while I do not see all the flowers from inside I do enjoy seeing the visitors that come.            The small wax eye birds are not at all put off by the closeness to the window and are frequently there enjoying the flowers.

I have not a lot of stitching to share at the moment  but hopefully after the pieces arrive at their destinations I will be able to bring photos to you, meanwhile here are the pieces stitched for Stitching Friend's  challenge ... a scissor fob. and yes they have both arrived.

 Caitlin spent two days with me this week and we had a lot of fun creating Halloween decorations for Jan's dowel tree I will post pictures of them shortly on my other blog ... other side of the mountain here is the link   
These were a real fun project.

Still being bugged with computer problems however slowly I am learning to do more and more on the i pad and  hopefully  it will not be so long between postings again .


Friday, September 18, 2015


               There is nothing in the world quite as adorably lovely    
        as a Robin when he shows  off

and I am showing off my finished Robin piece, now that the exhibition has opened I can share with you the photos, it was a very enjoyable piece to stitch and I loved every moment of it, the outside fabric was just perfect small leaves and red berries, thank you, Annette from California Stitcher it was a piece you sent me some time ago. The braid was bought on a trip to Napier, bought just because it appealed to me at that time not with any project in mind but it added the finish.