Thursday, August 6, 2009


Welcome,wild harbinger of spring!
To this small nook of earth;
Feeling and fancy fondly cling
Round thoughts which owe their birth
To thee, and to the humble spot
Where chance has fixed thy lowly lot.
- To a Crocus [
Bernard Barton (English Poet 1784-1849)
This morning its truly feels as if spring is on its way, lovely sunny and mild and everywhere I look in my garden clumps of crocus are boldly flowering, there seems to be more than I remember having ever planted.
I continue to pick violets of different colours and enjoy having a posy of them on my kitchen window sill. A lovely deep pink one that is flowering really well has been in the garden for a few years now, but never flowered this well before, unfortunately as much as I would like I can't match its colour to any embroidery thread.
With spring around the corner I had better post my Winter posy, I have just finished stitching this piece and the chart will have to be posted later.


Chris said...

Your snowdrops and violets and great :-) I hope you have a wonderful summer - over here it has been wet wet wet! Today the sun is actually shining although there is still a chill in the breeze.

diestickstube said...

Hello Lee, this is another great chart you have created. Spring had gone in Germany a long time. It´s summertime and it´s hot. We would need rain, but there´s none in sight.
I am on your blog, I made it !!!!!!!! Was not as hard as I thougt.
Enjoy the violet´s and snowdrop´s.
Take care
Hildegard (diestickstube)

Barbara said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment, so I found the way to your blog (besides the first one from New Zealand I've visited up to now :-) !!). I like the snowdrops and violetss you embroidered, they look so delicate.
Greetings from Switzerland,

Anonymous said...
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