Sunday, October 18, 2009


It was exciting to make a new friend (in England) who enjoys this embroidery. Wessex Stitchery was created by Mrs Margaret Foster of Bath, England early in the last century.Stitching her very distinctive embroideries she described her work " A Wessex needle..... asks for no suggestion for pattern or design on paper or material... it has lovely stitches of its own, by the use of which patterns will as it were, envole themselves....."

This posting is specially for my english friend, but I hope others will enjoy seeing some Wessex stitchery. I have work from two NZ friends as well as one of my early designs to share , this is Ann's lovely bag, I did this class with her  but have to confess I have not yet finished my bag. She has design a new bag and will be teaching it at the NZ Embroiderers Conference in 2010.

This is an earlier piece from Joycelyn, after learning Wessex at an Arahina Retreat , she has now designed and stitched many pieces, also has taught Wessex to many people.I have seen photos of her latest design is very exciting but under wraps at present. .Hopefully when she has taught it I will be able to show it.

This Pin Cushion was one of the earlier pieces I did. I think the most popular of my designs was the Wessex Mystery Sampler in 8 parts, one a month is was a little like a SAL.

My pin cushion  was stitched on 28 count linen 15 x 15 cm  Stitches used are back stitch, Fly stitch Straght stitch and eyelets. The centre is  long tailed chain stitches forming an eyelet. I used 3 shades of blue and 1 of pink, however work in colours of your own choice. one square of the graph =  one thread of the fabric.
Stitch section B first, backstitching over 2 threads, in 2 shades of blue and 1 of pink changing colour at random. Row 1 must have 9 stitches on each side, miss 1 fabric thread row two has 10 stitches and row 3 has 11.
Section C is stitched in Navy blue as charted and followed by four more rows of backstitching. (D)
On the outer edge the sides have 4 rows of fly stitches in different shades.
The centre is Long tailed chain stitch. start at the corner one thread in from the back stitching . and stitch with the long tail going into the centre. leave 2 threads between each stitch.
The eyelets in the corner are worked the first one over 6 threads and the second over 4.


Carol said...

Oh my, that is lovely, Lee! It looks so intricate and I love the colors you chose... The work by the other two ladies is exquisite :)

Franny said...

This is really wonderful stitching, I love looking at new stitches and ways they can be used. Your blog is really interesing.

Pixelpoppy said...

Gisborne Embroidery Guild about to do a workshop to learn Wessex embroidery, so I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks.

nannajs said...

Hi Lee, I found your site via Google. I teach a bit of embroidery for my branch of the SA Guild.
I am always looking for something different.
Wessex is something that I have wanted to do for a long time and as its made up of basic surface stitches I thought it would be a great step for the newer stitcher. I have done a bookmark and have a pincushion in progress. Our branch have Gaye Eatons book in the library, I love her books, this has been great. I saw the bag on your site, do you sell patterns / kits for this?
Cheers Nannajs