Thursday, October 15, 2009


Every morning Paul has been looking out the bedroom window and telling me the lilac is flowering.... he has been saying this since the first few buds appeared. It really is flowering now and with bad weather threatening I have had a good reason to pick myself a bunch. The scent is heavenly when you walk in the room.

 After a very very  slow start this year it has  developed into a nice shrub.and rewarded us with a fine showing of flowers.
 I have fond memories of lilacs growing in both my mother and grandmother's gardens. At Granny Haworth's it was a big bush by the gate, later flowering in the South Island, it would be in bloom in November when we went up for visits.


Rowyn said...

The Lilacs are beautiful!

Carol said...

Oh, how lovely, Lee! I'm so jealous--our days are becoming grayer and drearier as we head into the end of October. Enjoy...