Monday, October 26, 2009


The Hussif is finished.
I have named it for the Exhibition as "ROSES FOR RACHEL"
Red is her favourite colour and the outer material matches a piece I have done for her previously. The inside is decorated with Bullion Stitch Roses,
I think the bullion stitch roses were some of the earliest things I learnt to stitch, taught by my mother.

Here is a close up showing some of the pieces that go in the pockets...Floss Ring tab, Pin keep and Tape measure. All the material on the inside is silk.
And a close up of the top of the hussif, it all rolls up for easy carrying.
In my hurry to pack it up for delivery the last photo of the hussif rolled up did not come out well it looks a bit screwed up!!!!


Carol said...

Lee, you a true needleworker! That is just lovely...I remember doing bullion stitches way back in high school (almost 40 years ago!) when I did crewel embroidery. Now, I just stick with cross stitch :)

Maz. said...

Its 'awesome'.

Joan said...

Is the Regional Exhibition what will be showing in Stratford next weekend? I am looking forward to seeing that.