Sunday, August 31, 2014


Where have I been and what have I been stitching ? first up I did achieve some planned  stitching for IHSW, as shown here-
I like the way it is coming along although I do not enjoy stitching on such coarse linen however  I will hopefully not have to wait to long till I can enjoy stitching with no sight problems. I have a date all going well for Cataract surgery later in September. The blackwork pattern here will form the background with more stitching on top. will share the progress of this as I get on.

 Following Hermits weekend I worked on a hussif for Caitlin's birthday, her choice of colour would always be purple and I found the lovely rich cotton I used for the outside on my trip to Napier earlier in the year, The lining is a soft mauve silk, almost a grey mauve Annette had sent this to me and there was just enough, some help from Maree who did the quilting and then a very enjoyable time stitching lots of bullion stitch roses. Pink Roses and gold butterflies was the theme. look closely and you will see lots of tiny gold butterfly charms, Ann found these for me at the Trader's mall at conference.

The bottom pocket has an extra small pocket on the front to hold a small ruler and inside that pocket I out the pin keep and the covered tape measure.  the middle pocket has the scissor case and needle book on the outside of it. and the top one is a flap  that open with the thread holders there.
It was here birthday on Friday, how the years have gone by she is now 17 and the hussif was delivered to her in person so I could see her reaction when she opened her parcel  

A new month starts tomorrow and first up will be finished some more Gold butterflies to send away, the blackwork Heart and Stitcher's challenge this time is a needleroll ( the type that looks like a cracker) I have found a chart I like now to sort out fabric and threads so I can get started.

 Thank you for visiting I will try and not leave it so long before I post again. 

PS for new followers of my blog below is the hussif made about 3 years ago for Rachel the oldest of my granddaughters. The theme for this one was  Roses for Rachel


Beth said...

The hussif is truly beautiful. What a unique and thoughtful gift.

Annette-California said...

Gorgeous hussif for Caitlin! Incredible!!! Love all the bullion roses and butterfly's.
Prayers for a successful surgery.
love Annette

KimM said...

This is so gorgeous!! Stunning….

Blu said...

What a truly gorgeous hussif! Caitlin is a lucky girl!

gracie said...

As always I adore your talent. Beautiful work my friend. I am sure wherever those golden butterflies land someone will be very happy.

Vickie said...

Just wonderful Lee! Gorgeous details. Have fun!

Evelyne said...

Beautiful hussif for Caitlin.
Lovely colour and great butterfly's.

Have a nice week Lee.

Merilde said...

This just lovely, Lee. Caitlin will enjoy using such a lovely needlework piece. Both Hussifs are treasures!

Annie said...

What a beautiful gift. Caitlin will surely trasure that one. Hope the surgery goes well so the stitching gets a bit easier for you.

Thoeria said...

What an absolutely gorgeous and timeless gift!

Celia Sanchez said...


Karoline said...

Caitlin's Hussif is gorgeous, I'm not surprised she loved it