Thursday, January 27, 2011


This lovely Pin keep arrived in this mornings mail, it is from Celine in France, my exchange partner in EMS cross stitch forum Valentine exchange. It is an Atalie design "Louise" and I am so thrilled to recieve it. I often visit the blog to admire and enjoy the lovely work there. I have not yet found anyone in NZ stocking these designs.
Celine and I have exchanged pieces several time over the past year, its always a thrill to send something to someone you have come to know through exchanges. And this lovely piece is very special because these are her first atempts at French knots.
This exchange was for a needlebook or pin keep or scissor fob on Valentine theme.... I cant show you what I stitch till I know it has arrived, it is one of those piece I have mentioned as being under wraps for a while.
Thanks to Lynn B's blog and information she share on Picasa 3 web albumns I am now able to make collage pictures for my blog. I can see I will have a lot of fun in future.
Still a couple of things I want to find out how to do.
More to share with you shortly, meanwhile Happy stitching

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I fell in love with this photo as soon as I saw it, my sister, Joan had posted it on her Face book page with other photos from their West Australia holiday, her son David took the photo and it is a great shot as they are quite tiny birds and I have put it on the desktop of my computer so I can enjoy it..
 I could get inspired to stitch it, and if you have looked at my bird album, you have seen a few of the birds I have stitched over the years. I think it would have been about 8 years ago I had a commission to stitch a pair of blue wrens, sadly with changes of computers I don't seem to have the photo of the piece any more.
Here are two more photo's David took of these tiny birds. the drab coloured one is the hen.

P.S. I am stitching but at present but can't share the pieces till they have reached their destinations.

Monday, January 3, 2011


As the year begins, I too, have been planing what I will stitch in 2011, I have read of a challenge to start ... and finish 15 pieces from ones stash however I don't think I will commit my self to so many projects.'
At present I have a short list which no doubt will be added to-
1. An embroidered Hussif for daughter Jan, she has requested it to have all the tiny flower designs I have used so many time. This project I will keep you posted with the progress
2.To work with Caitlin on the VS. 12 Days of Christmas Sampler we just got started last year and then the year caught up with us.. so now the aim is to stitch it  1 part per month and have it.ready for next Christmas. I am to stitch the cross stitch sections as Caitlin dislikes cross stitch and she will stitch the specialty stitch which will extend her stitch knowledge
3. Make a cover for my bible before it falls apart... I designed this a couple of years ago but really must start stitching it now.

I guess you can add a few exchanges to the list and there are always gifts to stitch for friends. however I would like to find one really exciting project... let you know when I decide what it will be.

Happy Stitching in 2011.