Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I fell in love with this photo as soon as I saw it, my sister, Joan had posted it on her Face book page with other photos from their West Australia holiday, her son David took the photo and it is a great shot as they are quite tiny birds and I have put it on the desktop of my computer so I can enjoy it..
 I could get inspired to stitch it, and if you have looked at my bird album, you have seen a few of the birds I have stitched over the years. I think it would have been about 8 years ago I had a commission to stitch a pair of blue wrens, sadly with changes of computers I don't seem to have the photo of the piece any more.
Here are two more photo's David took of these tiny birds. the drab coloured one is the hen.

P.S. I am stitching but at present but can't share the pieces till they have reached their destinations.


Annie said...

Such a gorgeous photo! Just perused the bird album. Those are all fantastic pieces. I think you really ought to add this pretty little blue one to the collection!

Carol said...

Oh, I wish we had birds that pretty here in the U.S., Lee! He is so brilliantly colored--I always thought it was unfair that the male birds get the pretty coloring :)

I'm working on your PIF and should have it ready to send off to you in February--finally! Hope all is well in NZ!

Mary Joan said...

The colours of the male is amazing. The female is very similar to our wrens in the UK, but the tails are not as long.

I'm glad I can finally post a comment to your Blog.

devonaz said...

Beautiful,,,since we have moved to florida this past year,,I have seen more birds in my yard then the 14 years I lived in AZ,,and it just delights me when our feather friends decide to visit us,,I just looked thru your blog,,and see your love for violets..I also am a lover of violets,,my mom was from England and so that is where my love came from,,I will be making your violet bookmarker,,I am working on some violets of my own,,picture in my blog(down a few post)thank you for the beautiful pictures as I will be watching your blog for more..

Rachel S said...

What a pretty little pair of birds. Love the bright color!