Monday, October 10, 2011


Wessex Stitchery news and a good book!
 I often get enquiries as to where one can find out more about Wessex Stitchery, so its good that I can share with you, about a new publication that has a really good write up on Mrs Margaret Foster and her work, Wessex Stitchery. My friend Lyn in Christchurch alerted me first, Lyn had been in the very first Wessex workshop I had taught way back in the early 1990's and  continues today to stitch and share her love of Wessex Stitchery. Having borrowed a new embroidery book from the library she was delighted to find quite a large section inside on her favourite work and promptly email the news to me. Just when I had decided I would have to request it on inter loan, Ann from Whitianga arrived to visit and had brought THE BOOK down for me to read.
 The book is.......

Early 20th Century Embroidery Techniques by Gail Marsh and it was published in UK in 2011. Ann also brought with her the other books in the series 18th Century Embroidery Techniques and 19th Century Embroidery Techniques. I had a wonderful time just looking at the books there was so much to take in, and although the work many of the embroiderers written up in the 20th Century book  was known to me through previous research I was constantly finding new things. Another one who is mention is Louisa Pesel I have a copy of a very old book of her designs and have used it so many times when designing samplers.    Yes I have now bought myself a copy (and delighted to get it for almost half price) I have since bought the other two and are now waiting their arrival.
 Anyone interested in Wessex Embroidery, I do recommend you see if your library has a copy, just to be able to see more of Mrs Foster's work and to read about the embroiderer herself.

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Hi Lee

This book sounds very interesting. I now have a copy on order and amlooking forward to reading it