Saturday, August 27, 2011


I have often quoted.......My day is not complete till needle and fabric meet.

Having not stitched for nearly two weeks, can you imagine the withdrawal symptoms I have been having. I am please  to report health is nearly restored and yesterday I was sitting happily stitching once more and although I am not stitching black work at the moment I wanted to share some more about it with you.

Another group I work with, are also enjoying stitching blackwork at present. A small group of ladies come through from New Plymouth once a month and study count thread embroidery with me, some of the group are stitching a Blackwork Mystery Sampler Bellpull I designed some time ago and at the time was stitched by several Guild groups When designing it, I stitched a small portion to see if the design would work and my good friend Ann finished the piece and the sampler is hers, she lent it to me recently and I took some photos of the different sections its quite long, so difficult to fit it all in and get a good photo.

It is designed so that the embroiderer can make her own choice of which designs to stitch and if she prefers to just stitch one or all of them.

 I have decided I would like to share this sampler with anyone interested in blackwork embroidery. The notes are about 18 pages, with instructions, drawings and patterns.  I will include copies of some of  the photos. I am not selling this but would like to make it an exchange  If anyone interested would like to exchange a cross stitch pattern they have finished with for the notes, then contact me with your postal address  and I will have a set of notes on the way to you.

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gracie said...

looks wonderful...

paula said...

I LOVE blackwork and would LOVE to trade patterns . . but I don't think I have anything comperable to trade. If you find anyting at my Fur~Babies Momma pattern blog, let me know and then we can trade


Celialove2xstitch said...

Hi, I am your new follower now. I love your blackwork. I have not tried blackwork yet but would love to someday. :)