Friday, August 12, 2011


A lot happening with Blackwork here at present although this time I have not done one stitch! The group of Junior stitchers at our guild ages ranging from 8-13 years have now all finished their blackwork owl.  Our main project for the year is a bag with four pockets on the outside we have taken the theme of Owls and each pocket will show the owl using different stitches. Some will finish all four pocket however I can see the slower stitchers will have 2 embroidered pockets and 2 plain. This term  everyone is working on their piece for the coming Regional Embroiderers Exhibition. Four of the children have elected to stitch blackwork for their piece, we had a very busy afternoon with them this week and have till the end of the month for the pieces to be completed.
Grand-daughter Caitlin is spending the weekend with us, so as to have some catch up time with her piece, she is doing one of our native small birds, a South Island Tomtit. It is progressing well, but now up to the tricky part of stitching the tail feathers. I have found it works well  to make a copy of different stages using a photocopier, then let them draw on the picture so they have an idea what they want to stitch.

Comment from Caitlin who has been playing with different settings on the computer and the photo shw took of her of her work.
I have enjoyed stiching this bird. I love the way he is turning out so far. In junors I have two friends who are also working on Blackwork as well . My friend Paige is doing a blackwork Rooster. He is looking lovely. My other friend Nikita is working on a Black work cow. It's little but I think it will turn out looking out lovely in the end. We also have anther little girl in the class called Sarah-Lee, who has only been stching for a couple of years and is at the moment tackling a big blackwork puppy. He is coming along nicely but I don't think it will be made in time to go to the regional exhibition but luckly she made a back up pup done in cross stitch and her big piece will go to next years national exhibition. It is a border collie  called Jackson. It came out amzing and I love it.

Caitlin started  stitching at the age of 5 years and continues to enjoy her embroidery. other piece have been shown on past postings.  Here is a close up of the stitching on her bird.

Till next time when I have more to share on blackwork.


Rosita said...


Rowyn said...

How awesome to see the blackwork tomtit. I saw a North Island male tomtit in Rotorua yesterday, and just finished googling it to find out what it was I had seen! Such a fabulous likeness of this sweet little bird.

Have a lovely, stitchy weekend.

Annie said...

It's amazing that you can get girls of that age excited about this intricate type of needlework. Caitlin's piece is exquisite!

Nancy said...

Just beautiful!

Evelyne said...

It's nice to learn the kids some kind of needlework. I learned my daughter cross stitch, she is thirty now,and she do it well! I'm proud of her.
The blackwork is very beautiful!
Have a nice weekend Lee

paula said...

Your top piece of blackwork caught my eye. it looks like our American Partridge. Do you know if I can find the pattern online I would so like to make one for my friend, who has the surname Partridge.

Carol said...

Caitlin's needlework is so, so lovely--she's following right in your footsteps, Lee :)