Monday, July 25, 2011


I know its winter and there is snow on the mouintain (if I could see it for the clouds) The snow is now down well past what is showing at the top of my blog. This is what greeted us this morning, This is the first time we have had a heavy fall of snow in our part of town !

Pretty to look at but oh so cold !

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Evelyne said...

Hi Lee, It is time to sit by the fire and stitch.
Warm regards, Evelyne

Mary Joan said...

Oh Yes, it does look pretty! But isn't it cold! It's our summer and it's only 13 degrees here, so I've got my cardigan on. We are hoping it might warm up a bit.

So sit around a cosy fire and stitch. I just hope your hands are not too cold!

Take Care and Happy Stitching.

Mary Joan

Annie said...

Looks very peaceful.. and cold! And so strange to me since we are in the midst of record-setting heat wave here!

Nancy said...

Just looking at that snow makes me shiver! Also so cool to see since we are in the midst of 100 plus degree heat at the moment!

Kathy said...

Oh but after a week of intense hot weather with a few days at 100 degrees heat your snow looks so inviting! :)

Catherine said...

With all of our heat and lack of rain - that's a pretty site to me right now!

pam said...

It is in the mid-90's here and about the same humidity! Trade!