Saturday, July 23, 2011


I can share with you now what I sent to Lynn B, who was the winner of my blog anniversary give-away draw  I waited till they were posted on Lynn's blog.
 As it was my second anniversary I said it would be two small gifts in the embroidered bag, one item would be stitched in a DMC colour chosen by the winner. Lynn chose DMC 603 pink and the flowers on the notebook cover were stitched in that shade. The second item in the little bag was one of my embroidered hearts with pulled thread work and bullion rosebuds.
I also tucked in the parcel a little pomegranate fob as a special thank you to Lynn for introducing several folk to my blog.
Do look at the photos on Lynns blog. She has said I could copy them but I really think its better if everyone visits her blog, however I have copied the pomegranate I have not been able to show any of the ones I have made, in such a clear close up.
Thank you Lynn.

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Catherine said...

What beautiful gifts! I adore that pomegranate!!

Lynn B said...

Hi Lee,

Thankyou! It was a pleasure to receive such beautiful creations!

Lyn said...

The pomegranate scissor fob, with it's jeweled-looking seeds, is lovely! Are there instructions posted anywhere for making one?

Nancy said...

You really outdid yourself with these gifts to Lynn! They are all beautiful!

Mouse said...

aren't they just gorgeous :)that's twice I have drooled over these heheheh love mouse xxx

Moreen said...

Wonderful work and what lovely presents to recieve. I absolutely love that pomegranite, is there any instructions for it. I think it is fabulous and that gorgeous heart is to die for you are a very clever lady.

Carol said...

I'm sure Lynn is absolutely thrilled to have received such beauties, Lee--wonderful, wonderful work :)

Solstitches said...

I arrived on your blog via Lynn's and came to see more of your work which is exquisite.
What a beautiful package you put together for her.