Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I showed photos earlier  ( see posting January 27th) of the lovely piece I received from Celine in Valentine Stitcher's Toys exchange but unfortunatley I had accidently wiped the photos of what I had stitched for that  exchange, My contribution went to Celine which was fun as we have exchanged several pieces now.

I have received photos from her of the piece I stitched. A scissor fob stitched one over one  using a Simply Shaker Sampler Thread in a Ruby shade, The fabric was on oddment from my stash, not sure what it was but it worked well, the tiny beeds round the edge are from an antique necklace and I was thrilled to get the ribbon through the gold rose beads.
 Handy tip on how to do this put a little quick drying glue on the end of your ribbon, roll it tight between your fingers so it looks like the end of a shoe lace and let it dry before pushing it through the bead, cut off the glued piece later. The bead needs to have a reasonalble size hole.
As you can see I did her initial on the back.

My planned one over one stitching during my trip away was not so successful, one requirement for this fine stitching is good light, and not much chance to stitch by daylight, I found only two of the motels we stayed in had well placed lights for an embroiderer. So I mostly worked on cross stitch on 40 count which was no problem. I was very dissapointed with the one over one I had stitched that I have since stitched another piece to send with the goodies collected on my travels
 More of this later.

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Annie said...

That is so beautiful. Aren't you clever to find a way to use those beads. I'll keep that trick in mind.