Saturday, October 2, 2010


Two dear friends have  been to visit, we share 5 days together here at the cottage, the weather was decidedly wintery but that did not matter as we sat by the fire and stitched and chatted,and shared what we had been working on. Ann and I bounced ideas off one another.. I am now quite inspired.
One of the things we did was stitch together some of my little pin cushions for the sales table at the coming Coromandel Guild Exhibition, these were a shared project with each of us doing different parts.We made six for the guild then one each for ourselves. mine is the unfinished one in the photo however all the parts are here ready so it will not take long to put together once the stitching finished.
 Since their visit I have managed to finish one of My Bride's Tree pieces. I have been slipping well behind. Must admit I have not done my July piece yet, meanwhile here is my piece for August , a rose to represent beauty in the home. I had a couple of false starts, the first rose I wanted to stitch was going to be far to big......I am mounting them all on the same size cardboard circles, next I tried this chart as a red rose and it looked like a blob!! Having changed it to pink I am reasonably happy with it. The chart is a very old danish one by Clara Weaver that I have had in my collection for many years. Stitched on 40 count Permin linen with one strand of DMC thread over 2 fabric threads.
Septembers piece is all but started...... hope it will not take too long and I can share it with you.


Annie said...

Those pin cushions are gorgeous! That's great to have a stitcher to work with on projects.

Your rose is a perfect addition to the Bride's Tree collection.

Lee said...

I have copied a message sent by Mary Joan-

Wasn't able to leave a comment on your blog so thought I would send them to you instead.
"I love the little pin cushions, they look just so very small. And the bullion knots for roses, my mouth is just wide open with amazement. Perhaps one day I will have ago. They look so beautiful."

Anonymous said...

Your pincushions are just gorgeous - you really do do the most beautiful work :D Your latest bookmarks are lovely too - both given and received :)