Monday, September 20, 2010


I have just finished making a needle folder for Caitlin, it has this blackberry fabric on the outside and little mice stitched on the pages inside.  When it is first opened up there is a page with her new scissors in their place

opening it further reveals 4 pockets for packets of needles
and flannel for spare pins and needles.
I am finishing an 'orts bag' in the blackberry fabric .
 To follow at a later date- a pin keep and a floss ring tag.... more mice.

Tail note( not foot note!)
I found again the original card that inspired these cross stitch designs.
Blackberry picking by Cecilia Rowan.


Annie said...

That is so sweet! The mice are adorable and I love the way you did the placement. How lucky to find the matching card.

Carol said...

I'm not sure I've ever seen anything quite so cute, Lee!! I love how the mouse finds the blackberry, eats the blackberry, and then sits there contentedly rubbing his very full tummy. Just darling--I know Caitlin will love it!

Deborah said...

So very cute! The blackberry fabric is gorgeous. Love the little mice.

Catherine said...

How absolutely adorable!! What a treasure to be gifted with!!

Chris said...

So sweet, Lee :-) Hope you are well.

Lee said...

Mary Joan emailed me this comment, nice to know someone else has stitched these little mice.

"I just love the little needle case with scissors. It's just so very neatly put together. I've also stitched some of these mice, but I love how you have put this all together. Just beautiful."