Sunday, August 29, 2010


I have been stitching a really enjoyable project, having decided that part of Caitlin's birthday present would be a container for storing beads for her embroidery, I just had to stitch a panel for the top, and settled on the little mice collecting blackberries from the booklet "Harvest mice" by Christine Sewell.
These delightful mice designs were adapted from an original painting by Cecilia Rowan, and I have adapted the cross stitch charts to suit my need. I have stitched some of these mice some years ago but had forgotten what a delightful stitching project they were. Here is Caitlin's bead container, the fabric behind is what I plan to use for a hussif for Caitlin at a much later date.

And a close up of one of the mice.

Its her birthday today and the parcel went round all wrapped in pink tissue with silver ribbon and two little stuck on butterflies, opening it was very slow as she wanted to keep all the trimings and the present well received. Having really enjoyed stitching the mice so much I have started another project with them stitched on it which I will show you when its finished, meanwhile this is one of the little mice stitched for the second piece..


Carol said...

Oh, the mice are just the dearest little things, Lee! I've never seen Christine Sewell's work before, but I love it. I'm sure Caitlin just adores it. I love that she wanted to keep all the trimmings intact as well :)

Annie said...

Those are the cutest mice ever! And they look so great on the bead box. I'll have to keep that idea in mind.

Cindy's Stitching said...

What a pretty piece and a great storage idea.

Joan said...

Knowing how dedicated Caitlin is to her embroidery, she will treasure this special box - and all the other marvellous things her Grandma makes for her.

Naomi Old said...

Not being a lover of mice in the flesh, I have to admit these little guys are so cute with their juicy blackberries. Finely stitched adds to their merriment!