Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I think we all complain we don't take good photos ! This one was taken of Aida and myself at the workshop at conference. I have received a collection of photos taken in the class by Sheryl  and thought I would share some of them         These show every ones work at the end of the third day of stitching................................

.................and show too the lovely colours of the hand dyed linen of the Jane Van Keulen kits that were used. For my part as tutor it was very pleasing to see how much everyone achieved in the three days, I have since heard of one finished mat and look forward to seeing photos of some of them when completed.

For new visitors to my blog, here is the mat everyone was stitching.
As this was my last workshop I would be teaching I had some little extras for everyone.  These include cardboard needle tweets to hold the needles given out with the kits, Paul cut floss ring tags and cards for their threads, these they got on the first day of the workshop. Next day after a remind of the story of the Tailor of Gloucester  and advise not too go home and stitch late into the night there was a tiny mouse for everyone. And at the end of the workshop a reward .... flower with a chocolate kiss in the centre. 
Don't you love little mouse, he is just one and a quarter inches tall.


Annie said...

What a wonderful mat design. Love that photo of everyone's hoops with all the different colors of fabbies. Sounds like a successful event and well worth it if just to get the goody bag! That mouse is adorable.

Carol said...

What an amazing design you taught, Lee. I can't imagine stitching anything so intricate. And those lovely pastel fabrics--they look like Easter colors :)

How nice that you included some extras for the class--that little mouse is so sweet. Look at him with his little pink beaded nose and sweet upturned face. I love him :)

Heather said...

Aren't the colours offered by those adventurous dyers so yummy.
Your last class attendees were treated to wonderful memories and a very attractive finished embroidery piece.

Mouse is sooo cute.