Saturday, July 17, 2010


Here I am after a wonderful week, lots of catching up with old friends from all round the country,enjoyed good guest speakers, fine weather for a whole week, frosty mornings but lovely winter days. Both my workshops went off well. For "Shades of Monet" workshop, Jane Van Keulin supplied a wonderful selection of dyed linen and matching threads, and in the workshop we gave them names like "purple passion", "iced lavender", and "marbled egg shell" to name a few. I hope in time some photos will arrive and I can show them on this blog.
On the way home Paul asked if I wanted to buy my new camera, of course I said yes. So I am now the proud owner of a digital camera that will do good close up work. The photo of the little bird on the album on the side of my blog was not taken with a digital camera . It was taken some time ago with a Pentax with Macra lens. Here is the same bird taken with my new camera.
This little bird is 7cm from tip of his tail to his beak and here is another photo going in closer.
And I tried a close up too, on some tiny pink violets.
I am happy!


Carol said...

Welcome home, Lee! And congratulations on a successful conference AND a new camera. It takes wonderful photos. I am amazed by that little bird--what beautiful work you do. I looked through your whole bird album and can't decide which one I like best. I've honestly never seen anything like them!

Joan said...

Pleased to see that your new camera will take the close-ups that you want it too. You will get lots of pleasure from it.