Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Its a wonderful crisp sunny winter's day here. lovely after all the heavy rain and strong winds of the past few days. Paul came in to say the mountain  (Mt Egmont) had a good coating of snow and suggested I grabbed the camera and we would go for a drive.
Here are a few of the photos I took. this first one was taken about 8 min drive from our house.
a little further along the road.

and lastly this one was taken beside  Mountain House which is at 845 metres and 10 km from Stratford.
(Mt Egmont is 2518 metres high)


Joan said...

Wow - the mountain looks beautiful. Bet it was cold up at Mountain View.

Carol said...

What an incredible view, Lee! Some day I hope to visit New Zealand and see its beauty for myself :)

Naomi Old said...

Fantastic photographs Lee. At 7.30 that same morning the sky was a pastel pink in behind the mountain, which caused me to get my camera out.

Chris said...

I too love the cold crisp winter morningg :-) Your photos are wonderful. Enjoy your mountain :-)