Friday, June 25, 2010


I am at the sister's in Napier for a few days. have been trying out her camera do see how it goes photographing embroidery. Here is the results.

 This is my "Pocket for the Snow Queen" and here is a closer view. I have used tiny Ribbon Roses on this one sequins, pearls and bead along with feathers.
and finally here is what the camera really can do,

This one really tells me I need a new camera!

Do tell me which of the three pockets you  like Best


Rowyn said...

You are so talented! All the pockets are beautiful.

Annie said...

This is so beautiful. I think it's my favorite, but I actually believe that whichever one I look at last is my favorite. The camera had great material to work with!

Carol said...

You're right, Lee--that camera takes excellent photos. I love this pocket the most--it is so delicate and lovely... Great job :)

Joan said...

Having seen them all while Lee was staying with me the last few days, I found it very difficult to make a decision on my choice, but I think it will have to be Titiana's pocket - it is so dainty and pretty.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy I don't think I could choose between the 3 pockets - although I really do love the colourway of the final Snow Queen pocket. Your blog is always a showcase of stitching mastery, it's always a treat to come visit (even though I don't comment often).

Heather said...

It is the fun thing with embroidery, one version can lead to another. Change colour, instantly it looks different, change some stitches and a new look is also acheived. Mix up the threads and off you can go again!
Why do some people say they are bored! they need to introduced to our artistic outlet - there is never ebough time abd always something waiting in the wings, tempting to be started.

Lee the enjoyment and pleasure you get and give 'shines' through with every stitch. Heather

Merilde said...

Hi Lee,
I found your blog a short time ago and have been in awe of your stitching ever since. The pockets are all breathtaking but I have to put my vote in for the Titania pocket-I love the pink and the pink roses! Amazing work...

Barbara said...

Thank you for leaving a comment in my blog so I found the way to yours! You're living far away from me and therefore it's so interesting to see what's going on in your place :-) !!
Will be back again!
Have a good start into the new week!