Saturday, December 12, 2009


Our tree is decorated here at Groatieburn Cottage with white, cranberry,gold and silver decorations, no lights this year they have been packed away at daughter's house and not found this year!. The living room at the cottage is in pink tonings hence the colour choice for the decorations.
This afternoon I put the tree up in the little house. "Summerlee" is the lovely doll's house we built, and completed 11 years ago.

 We designed it to look like one of the old homes in Hawkes Bay NZ and have furnished it as at the 1890's

Here is the resident dolls, Henry and Sarah Barker view the christmas tree this afternoon. The children Emma , Caroline and baby John are still upstairs with Nanny. I will add their photos later.


Rowyn said...

What a beautiful dolls house, both inside and out!

Carol said...

Oh, Lee, I am fascinated by your doll's house--it looks like it is finished so perfectly down to the tiniest detail! Did it take you many years to collect everything for it?

Thank you for sharing your photos :)

Annie said...

That is just marvelous! I'm a big fan of doll houses and miniatures. What a treasure.