Monday, August 29, 2016


It is time to reveal what was in the box for my blog anniversary gift, Lori was the one to receive it and her choice of colour was Pink and Aqua .and now that I know the box has arrived safely I can show you.
A scissor fob and a pincushion ........ not shown in the photo  is that the pincushion was  made like a footstool with thread wrapped beads to stand on. My second small gift has now been stitched and will be on its way shortly.

I have just finished stitching some brightly coloured birds to make a mobile for Finn I have posted a picture of them on my other blog here They are very bright and would not go with the pretty pastel embroideries above!   Now its back to the cross stitch pieces I am stitching.

Monday, August 8, 2016


Caitlin sent home a request..... She is going to a ball next Saturday and it's to be a masquerade ball, her dress is white with black accessories, and she plans to wear a silver  jewellery..... The request was for Grandma to make her a mask. This was a fun project for me to stitch and I had all I needed in the house..... Here is the result.

Now I am off to proper stitching and its back to Finn's birth sampler which I
am hoping to have completed to take down when I visit next month.