Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Small treasures that bring great pleasures

Do you know the winter iris - Iris stylosa ? This year my two clumps have produced a mass of blooms and I have been able to beat the snails for they delight in nibbling them. From these rather untidy plants I have been picking the buds and enjoying watching the petals unfold and for more than a month now have been able to have a vase of them in my Kitchen.

The other small treasures are ones I have been stitching, quite some time ago I started stitching a Husif for Jan, next march will be her 50th birthday and I wanted something very special for the occasion, so I feel the Husif she requested , stitched with the little flowers I have used on so many pieces, including my work box.(see it  in this post ) would be the perfect thing to stitch for her. This piece like other pieces when the eyes became a problem the stitching was put aside, now having started again on it I have decided each Monday to do an update of my progress, my aim is to add one flower type per week, hopefully by planning to keep adding a small amount of stitching I will manage to achieve this each week and to make sure I  do I am committed to showing the progress on my blog. This is what I had stitched before-

and now this week I have added a few violets,there is no chart for my design I am just adding the flowers stitching some by memory and others are a piece taken from another design.
The winter aconite is from February design in the cross stitch book, A Country Diary Collection 2 Over the years I have enjoy again and again looking at the Edith Holden's book The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady and the cross stitch book is some of her paintings charted for cross stitch.
The Crocus is a Danish Cross Stitch design and I have mislaid the book so cannot tell you which one.
Violets these I have stitched so often that I now stitch them from memory and there will be more violets added to the design as I go on.

And for my 6th Anniversary Give away Draw.
I wish I could have sent something to everyone but sadly time would only allow me to have one
 name drawn  and here it is

CONGRATULATIONS to Smily in Hungary. 

I went over to her blog and would you believe her latest posting was about the colour for June being RED, well little red robins will certainly fit the red theme. I am stitching the last piece now so hopefully the parcel will be away in the post at the end of the week , so please Smily send me your postal address, and  although I have sent  embroideries to many countries this is a first time I have sent some of my work to Hungary so I am excited. 


CalamityJr said...

Congratulations to Smily - I'm sure she's smiling!

Smily - Света said...

Yes, I'm smiling! Thank you very much :) And yes, you left a comment at my blog.

~Narita said...

Lucky Jan, your flowers are beautiful!

Annette-California said...

Congratulations to Smily - she will love what you make!!!
Love your beautiful flowers and Jan's birthday gift is going to be gorgeous!! love Annette

Merilde said...

Congratulations to Smily...lucky lady! The huswif will be beautiful...love the little flowers. Your workbox is stunning.

Beth said...

You amaze me Lee - stitching from memory and free-form creating a lovely bouquet!

Micheal Prince said...

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shirley flavell said...

Look forward to seeing your progress with your hussif.Loved your flowers. Shirley

Anonymous said...

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