Saturday, November 29, 2014


Not what we give, But what we share, 
For the gift without the giver Is bare.
– James Russell Lowell

I am please to share that this little piece has safely arrived. it was started with plenty of time to be ready for Annette of California Stitcher's birthday which was early October, and was almost completed when I received the call telling me my eye surgery date had been brought forward and so was not finished till I had my new glasses. The work is Pulled Thread Embroidery 

 Another piece that had to be put aside at that time was my Stitching friend's Challenge piece That was going to Joan in October !!! fortunately Joan understood as she had had eye surgery the year before  and knew that for a time stitching would be impossible. Thank you Joan for your patience.
the Challenge was a needleroll Victorian Silk Needleroll having found a delightful free pattern on Krienik Threads I set out to stitch the Victorian silk needleroll only to find I had misread the chart and stitching on 40 count did not feel like a mass of unpicking, so created a new design with what I had stitched.  This is my finally completed piece, these little roses buds have been stitched so many times over the years and in some many different ways and colours.

The needle roll I received in the exchange came from Ann, who has stitched another Cardinal design to add to the ornament she had stitched for me previously. we don't have these colourful birds in new Zealand however I think I would like to collect more small designs like these and have a cardinal tree sometime. I have just bought myself a small tree which I plan to keep up and decorate with different themes during the year.

 Thanks to everyone for all your comments on the last postings and not giving up on me when I had been away for so long, I am trying to answer everyone but computer changes where my emails list all the comments one after the other and not as separate mail leaves me wondering if some folk are getting two replies and others none, then I find everything put into the drafts box.!!! and I am left not knowing which ones have been sent. I do like hearing from everyone and have been trying to be better at replying so if you don't hear back I hope you will understand.

Monday, November 24, 2014


I had a little nut tree nothing would it bear but a silver nutmeg and a golden pear
Stitching friends Challenge for October/November was to stitch a golden pear  and I had an idea to create something different from the one I had stitched some years ago from a magazine. I did my trial one using apricot silk fabric with a sheer on top and stitched in autumn colours, I managed this with out my glasses as the placement did not need to be as precise as count thread work. This pear went over to America to Annette of California Stitcher who had decorated her house for Autumn 

Happy with they way my idea had turned out I then set about stitching my Golden Pear for the challenge. Fabric is gold tissue fabric with a sheer overlay The leaf is green silk and the stem a piece of dried wisteria branch painted gold.  As this was to go to Ann I had the pleasure of taking it to her instead of posting it.

 Now I would like to make one for myself!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Last night was our Embroiderers Guild Christmas dinner and of course we have a parcel exchange you can make or buy your gift but it should be about $5, I decided to make a hanging decoration. When I found out Maree had recieved it I was sure she must have seen it in progress on one of her visits to see me but luckily no.... must have been burried somewhere under the large pile of bits on my coffee table that serves as my work area. I received a delightful glass angel in my gift.
 here is the piece i stitched.......

It was a fun piece to stitch. back soon with another exchange although my piece has gone out the official posting date is the 20th of November so will wait a few more days and then share it with you.

Happy stitching

Friday, November 14, 2014


Well I did not realize it would be so very long before I could get back to blogging again.
 Firstly the Good news that has kept me away.... I have had my eye surgery, and how colourful the world is again, however on the down side its been two months wait to get my new glasses............   two month and almost no stitching, also unable to read anything on the computer how I have missed keeping up to date with everyone's news in the past, I have sat at the computer each morning with my breakfast and read everyone's news ...look forward to doing that again now.

 From Annette  of California Stitcher, I have received two parcels . the first was a collection of really interesting bits and pieces, my photo is not a good one  not seeing clearly at the time it was a case of aim the camera and hope for the best.Included in the parcel was a snooty parrot  charm that I need to find a special piece to attach it too.

and then this parcel came from Annette for my birthday I love the box she made for me with the BBD design on top and the inside is beautifully finished with interesting pieces tucked in there.....  and the blue silk is just perfect for a special project I have planned

My sister Joan and her husband Denis came to visit for a few days and we took the opportunity to have some photos taken together ready for their visit to Australia and they will be visiting our brother in Queensland.( did you notice my new look I have my hair short for the first time in 50 years)  we also did some clothing shopping, I am not  very good at shopping so having company helped me make the effort and several new tops were added to my wardrobe ready for my trip north and the summer.

 At the end of October I  went north to stay with my friend Ann and to attend the 25th Anniversary of the Coromandel Embroiderers guild. that day was a lovely reunion with many old friends. As I have done before on special occasions for the guild I made an embroidered piece that was a lucky draw on the day,  it was decided it should be for present members and the draw was done at the AGM that started the day, before we went on the the exhibition opening and Birthday lunch at the Pepper Tree restaurant. I had been working on the background for this piece and when the date for my eye surgery was brought forward it was a  rush finish to the blackwork. background.   After the surgery I managed to finish the rest of the stitching mostly working using one eye  I now have one new long sighted eye and one very very short sighted eye. After I mounted it Maree came in and looked it over for me to make sure it was all finished off properly which I was very grateful for.
 Do you remember seeing the blackwork on previous postings ?

well here is the finished piece

The first thing I did when I got my new glasses was to come home and check that I could see to stitch on 40 count fabric yes there was a loud cheer to say I could... am not quite ready to stitch on sacking yet.! Then I went out and drove the car good to have my independence back  Life is good.