Saturday, July 12, 2014


Friendship dwells in the heart where time and distance are unknown boundries.
I have just finished stitching Blackbird designs Topiary in Bloom on a small gift for Ann's birthday, Annette of California Stitcher had sent me the chart with all the needed threads, solving my problem of sorting out the correct colours, I stitched on 40 count Permin lambs wool and am so grateful that although my eyes struggle to recognise some colours I can still see to use my favourite fine linen I used the main part of the design for the front of the notebook cover I made, 
Stitched the two birds on the inside of the front cover, changing their position and  for the back cover I found a letter A that I could sit a small bird on top, this bird was taken from another Blackbird designs as was ( not shown) a border pattern stitched on the spine of the note book. Constuction for the cover it was stitched on one long piece of linen and back stitched down the edges were it was to turn in.I wrapped it round the book cover before whipping the edges together, this proved to be easier and neater than joining the cover up and then trying to put it on the notebook.
The gift was waiting for her when she arrived down to stay with me, Ann has come down to attend the Embroiderers Guild Conference which is in New Plymouth this weekend and then will spend some time here with me in the following week. Can you imagine all the embroidery talk that will go on while we sit by the fire and stitch. It is certainly sit by the fire weather, up north has been hit by a big storm and heavy rain , we had gale force wind yesterday and early this morning and rain but not to the extreme. I will brave the weather and go up to see the traders mall and guild displays at Conference this afternoon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014




I have had a lot of fun this month trying to decide what to stitch for each of the first four mystery parcels, it has also been hard limiting it to just four people and so for  WEEK FIVE  I have decided to make it a gift for everyone who reads my blog.

To do this I am sharing a new design with you. Going through  some old designs I came across some bird drawings I had made on graph paper I stitch the little bird adding a bullion stitch red rose in its beak. 
Then I played with the design and this was the result, the second one is stitch like Assisi embroidery the background filled with cross stitches. I will use these two piece for a pin keep and mount them on slightly smaller circles of card. I have stitched with an oddment of silk that I can not match with another thread so I will so I will add red roses to one and then I can use dark red perle thread for cords and tassels.

 I will show them again when mounted and I have plans to add to the set, meanwhile I must get stitching on a very special gift, for Caitlin's birthday next month I plan to make her a hussif. The hussif I made for Rachel won an award, so the challenge will be to make this one different but just as special.  Meanwhile here are the charts for my little birds I hope someone might enjoy the gift and stitch them.