Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Last weekend was International Hemet's Stitch Weekend and I did manage stitching on two pieces of embroidery, as one is still under wraps I will share that at a later date Meanwhile here is my progress on the piece I selected to be stitched on these weekends , Shepherds Bush the Wool Gatherer. But first the point at which I stopped stitching last month
And here is my progress for the weekend, I am getting use to stitching the soft colours relying very much on the DMC numbering  and have at this point only changed one colour to the next deeper shade. Had fun however buying beads, I an working on 40 count so that I can stitch in one thread of floss and needed smaller beads went off to my local shop ( small and limited stock) had the numbers of the ones I thought would be best thanks to Mill Hill colour charts on line but of course what I wanted was not there I had to get help from another customer to confirm what I had now selected was green as it is really difficult  working out between greens and blues. But I am thankful that is my only problem as it is a small one.

I am also counting down till I go across to Napier for a very exciting event. Ellen Chester from With my Needle is coming to New Zealand and teaching her wonderful design Fruits of the Vine and I am doing the workshop. I have not done any workshops for some years now and have always said it would need to be something very special to tempt me and this I think is extra special share more later in the month as I am staying with my sister then she is taking me on to Tauranga to stay with a very old girlfriend, old in the number of years we have known one another, we worked together in the same florist shop  for a year in 1954 and have remained friends ever since and yes she is also an embroiderer. 
 I hope all other Hermits had a great weekend of stitching



Annette-California said...

How pretty the beads are Lee! I clicked on the photos and saw the beads you were speaking of. Good progress. I am sooo excited for you that you get to meet Ellen and take her class. I know you will have a great time and a beautiful new project. Lovely to reconnect with friends. I wish you a very wonderful trip.
love Annette
ps sorry I know it has to be frustrating not seeing a few of the colors well. Glad you made a color change. You should get to enjoy your stitching.

Chris said...

Great progress on your Sb piece.
How great that you get to take a class with Ellen! I am looking forward to hearing about it. So great that you are seeing old friends too!

Madtatter80 said...

Wonderful detailed work and fun to see the progressing too!

Vickie said...

Wonderful progress Lee. Such fun you have coming up!

Anonymous said...

Lovely stitching and the workshop sounds great (:

Karoline said...

Great progress on Wool Gatherer, it's looking lovely

Enjoy your class with Ellen, I did that one a few years ago. It's a gorgeous project