Thursday, February 9, 2012


Do you know Honeycomb stitch ? This is the stitch I have used for this little heart. Any pulled thread stitches can be used and I will show you some others as well. I have worked the top row shown first  after carefully counting out the spaces of threads (groups of 4) to make sure I have the stitching nicely centred.  This stitch is pulled slightly and I have stitched it with a perle 12 thread, I enjoy using perle 12, tencil, wildflowers and other threads I can use singly.
Don't start the stitching too high up on your heart leave room at the top to add to your design , sometimes I add petite beads to this stitching as shown here.. Mostly I leave the back plain  but if you decide to fill it in with stitches dont add beads as well as it makes it too heavy

To finish I have added chain stitches, a few straight stitches and some beads across the top.

In Part 3 we will look at the construction of the little hearts meanwhile if you have time to fill you might like to try out some other ideas.

This one is worked on the diagonal, satin stitch closter blocks ( that is 5 stitches  over 2 threads, for each block.) Dont pull this stitch have your threads lying nice and flat. Work the first full row  starting at the bottom, then fill the rest in To finish  petite beads have been  added in the squares.

Here I have stitch in the bottom section only, the stitch used was double cross stitch and small beads hadve been stitch in between the crosses. this stitch always looks good and I have used it on several different things.

I do hope you enjoy stitching your little hearts. I will post the final part at the weekend to give you time to stitch some ready
Have fun stitching.

Friends fill your life with joy,
Your soul with sunshine and
Your heart with Love.


pam said...

Cannot wait to spend Saturday with this little idea! Thanks for sharing.

Vickie Niggemann said...

Thank you Lee. Oh my! It is so intimidating for me to think I could stitch as you do. You are so talented. I can see you clearly planned this out. Thanks again. :)

Teresa said...

Your hearts are just stunning. Can't wait to try some of these stitches.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Anonymous said...

Very interesting stitches ! I like your hearts.

catherine said...

You have some lovely stitching ideas and I must try them out. It's been a while for some stitches but I'm sure I'll start to remember them.
x catherine

Annette said...

I stitched the outline of hearts. Now I just finished stitching 1 small heart (at the time of stitching I thought it was a large hart until I looked at the other sizes. Oh yea I thought I was fast...hump....) using satin stitch closter blocks. WOWWWWW! using 25ct Ash Rose Lugana with perle #8 pink DMC. Coming out so pretty... Okay I'll update later...
Annette - California
Lee, I got up at 6:30am and checked your blog. Yep sure enough you posted sal2 so I printed and took it with me out the door.

Annette said...

I finished beading my 1st heart. Love it! Thank you Lee, you are the MASTER of needlework for sure:) Working on Large heart doing the honeycomb stitch for it. This is fun.
Annette - California

Lelia said...

Dear Lee:

thx for sharing!