Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Happiness depends on the power to see and enjoy beauty.

I really love this photo by my nephew,  David Poole of the little Australian blue wren.   I have as the wallpaper on my computor where I can enjoy it every day . I decided to update my signature for this blog and after much playing around on the scanner/computor this is the end result.  I have reversed the bird, and am happy about the way he is sitting  but  possibly have his colour a little bright ? what do you think?
On my other blog 'other side of the mountain'  link here I have posted about my dolls' house  to share with a friend who has not seen it yet , Today I have only shown the outside of the house and the folk who live there, further postings will explore the house. Do come and visit.



Evelyne said...

What a beautiful bird, such an nice colour!! Yes nature is beautiful!!
Nice picture!
Warm Regards, Evelyne

Annie said...

That is a beautiful photo. My new computer really shows things ultra-bright so it's hard for me to judge what looks right, but I love that bright blue.

Just checked out your other blog. Quite a good-looking, elegant family in that house!

Rachel S-H said...

What a pretty little bird! Lovely photo!

Mouse said...

ohhhh the bird is lovely and the colours are fab .... :) love mouse xxxx

Annette said...

How joyful! This photo makes me smile:) Thank you for sharing.. Tell your nephew great photo... although I have a feeling you already informed him. Annette - California.

Barbara said...

I also like this picture very much. And what always fascinates me is your header. Beautiful!!! What ist the name of the mountain?

Mary Joan said...

The little Australian blue wren is beautiful. Such wonderful colours. And I love the way you have incorporated the wren into your signature - very cleaver. The colour is just right, or he would be hard to see.

Mary Joan

Sherri said...

Beautiful bird. It is such a treat to see birds from around the world.