Tuesday, April 19, 2011


What a surprise this morning to open up my blog and see not one new follower but several, welcome to you all and that includes others who have joined over the last few weeks. Last July at my blogs first Anniversary I had 19 followers, this number has already doubled and a year has not gone by, this is very encouraging thank you all.   I hope you will find something you enjoy seeing here and do leave a comment from time to time to let me know you have called in.

Pam of confessions of a southern stitcher blog- felt her numbers had stalled at 18 do call at her blog and give her some encouragement here is the link.

Autumn has left us, fresh snow has fallen on the mountain and the weather today although fine and sunny was definitely quite cool, I can look forward to time by the fire stitching, specially over the holiday weekend ahead.
 Back soon with more stitching news of my WIP


Lynn B said...

Lee I am sure you will get many more followers in the months to come as your work is beautiful, it is exciting seeing what you have been working on, I always look forward to your posts!

Mouse said...

I totally agree with Lynn :)your work is FAB :) and not just because I'm getting a PIF off you heheheh ;)
love the mushroom photo :) I've taken a picture of my lily of the valley today . hopefully it will come out ok:)
happy stitching love mouse xxx

Evelyne said...

Hi Lee, nature is so beautiful it's a beautiful and perfect mushroom!Even so is your stitching.I wish you many followers! So you can inspired many stitcher's.
Love, Evelyne

Annie said...

That mushroom is unbelievable!

Your blog is one of the great undiscovered treasures that I'm sure will rapidly become even more popular than it already is!

Mary Joan said...

Lee, I have always enjoyed your blog. You have shared the natural beauty of your country and your lovely stitching. I also wanted to say I love the new picture you have stitched of Groafieburn Cottage, which is in your side bar. The flowers are amazing. I always look forward to each post, as I never know what you will be sharing next!

Mary Joan