Tuesday, November 30, 2010


November has come and gone,
The month started out so busy and I am not sure where the days went, in the middle of all this Paul gave me a new computor... its wonderful with wide screen and does not chug along like my old one. I must not complain it had served me well for 7 years but was getting slower and slower.
The change over however has not been smooth I am having it get use to a different programme and at present all my files are still on the old one and I am slowly changing them over. Barryn  came home for a weekend and spent most of his time getting me conected again to the internet and trying to get my scanner to work on the new computor, sadly that does not seem possible. I wont bore you with all my frustrations!
 Today I moved some of the photos onto this computor. The roses I am sharing with you were here in the garden and I have no idea of the name, it has a most heavenly perfume. I took these photos this morning to check on transfering them to a new programme, that at least went smoothly.

We have had a few days away in Auckland  and yes I managed a visit to an embroidery shop I wanted to stock up on some special threads. I will share them with you soon and tell you of what I have been stitching.
 Good to be back again.


Annie said...

The roses are gorgeous! Good luck getting that new 'puter to be your friend.

Carol said...

So glad to see you posting again, Lee! I had begun to worry about you...

Oh, to have flowers like that outside my window right now--we are facing snow on Wednesday and I'm not ready for it! Keep posting your warm, summery photos :)

Rowyn said...

What beautiful roses! Are they fragrant? So many roses these days don't seem to have a smell, but these look like they might?