Saturday, February 20, 2010


In answer to a request, as to how I made my little hearts, I am posting some information and hope it might be of use to someone.
My small hearts are approx 4cm by 4cm (2 x 2 inches) but could be adapted to any size.
Use a fine count linen for the best results, mine was 35 count and hand dyed using the tea bag method.
To make- cut out a heart shape in paper the size you want and pin to your fabric, using perle 12 thread to match your fabric backstitch round your shape You need two- a front and a back .

For the front instead of filling the whole shape, I stitched only part.
Any pulled thread stitches could be used. This one was satin stitches groups of 4 stitched over 3 fabric threads. I completed the design by adding some chain stitches and French knots and petite beads in the spaces. For the back I filled in the complete space with the stitch pattern and beads.

Turn in the edges on both pieces place two layers of felt cut slightly smaller than your original heart between them , add a cord loop at the top and whip together through the back stitches.
To finish I then button holed over the whipped stitches with the perle 12 thread.The tiny ribbon bow at the top was dyed with the linen providing a perfect match.

Have fun and do try different stitches.

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Annie said...

Lee, your hearts are just beautiful. Such a romantic Valentine's day gift. Thanks for the instructions, but I know I'd never be able to make mine come out so perfect!