Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have had a delightful morning making Tussie mussie, it is always a suprise how much I can find  in the garden to put into these tiny posies. After deciding on which flowers to put in the centre I wander round the garden tucking things in as I find them.

Cecil Brunner Roses centre this one with Lavender 'Seal', tiny heartsease violas,Pink Campian flowers,  bright pink Irish heath ( Daboecia cantabrica) edged with small pink Hebe.

Blue cornflower with Cecil Bruner roses, Lavender,Irish heath, tiny pink violas and Harebells for this posy which is edged with the leaves of apple geranium, the scent of these leaves is divine.

My next project will be some new cross stitch designs and as usual they will be of the small flowers in my garden


nima said... many flowers from your garden

Carol said...

Oh, Lee, thank you for posting these--they bring a much-needed breath of spring into my cold, cold winter :)

Chris said...

Your posies are wonderful! A real delight after all the white we have had this week!

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