Saturday, November 7, 2009


With drooping bells of clearest blue
thou didst attract my childish view,
Almost resembling the azure butterflies that flew
Where on the heath thy blossoms grew
so slightly trembling.
Reginald Heber "The Harebell"
This morning had a session in the garden and to my delight the first flowers of harebells ( Campanula rotundifolia) have appeared. A favourite of mine, with its very dainty mauve bells. A wild plant found in northern parts of the world it is known by many names, Bluebells of Scotland, Alpine Scotch bells, Witches Thimbles, Lady's thimbles, Aul man's bells, Heath Bells, are a few names I have found.
I have used  these little flowers many times in small embroidery designs and share one with you now..


Carol said...

What a pretty little chart and charming poem, Lee! Thanks for sharing them with us...

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Alexandrina said...

It's lovely! Thank you for sharing!