Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I took part in a recently in another  EMS Cross Stitch Forum exchange.
The subject this time was a bookmark to be stitched in purple blackwork,
Black work is one technique I have enjoyed stitching over the years.
I taped Ivy leaves to paper then scanned them to make my design.
My bookmark was sent out to an embroiderer in Singapore. Stitching the exchanges is fun as they are always small pieces and I enjoy the challenge of designing something new for each one.
Today I received a lovely packet in the mail from Romania which included two bookmarks in it so I have been quite spoilt. I think the bookmark with the tulip on it is my favourite, the design is quite elegant. It appears to be stitched on fine linen about 40 count. The little flower is an aida band ( and wont sit where I want it on this posting at present!!!!!!! will try and move it around again later)
These came from the same embroiderer I had sent my red pendibulle to a few months earlier.
Through the exchanges one makes friends all round the world.


Joan said...

I just love the tulip - it is very elegant. What a lovely bookmark to receive.

Chris said...

Your bookmarks are elegant. What a lovely idea to exchange with other people around the world. I have learnt so much about gardens and climates from blogging.

colleeninnis said...

love the site
will come again