Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Daisies, Ye flowers of lowly birth embroiderers of the carpet earth.
John Clare

Yes I am very late with this posting. The weather has been very cold and fireside has been the best place unfortunately the computer is in the other room, now after a couple efforts am managing to do the post on my I pad.  I have added daisies to the Hussif piece along with some extra ones to be used on smaller parts. This daisy design origins are unknown looking through photos and also some stitched pieces I first stitched daisies from the Danish books, and about 1994 this version of an English daisy appears in my stitch pieces, like the violets I am able to vary the placement of the flower and buds, the stem is whipped back stitch, which I like because it is not as thick as doing it in cross stitch. I am now stitching the next Flower and hopefully will be back before the end of the week to share with you all.

The Book mark shown above is from a very early posting and with it is part of John Clare's poem that refers to the flowers Cowslips, violets and daisies.
I have often used this quote by John Clare, (English Poet 1793-1864) with my embroideries when  it it is part of a long poem, "Songs of Praise Imitations of the 148 Psalm"  the verse on the daisies was preceded by two others mentioning flowers, first cowslips then violets and below is one of my earlier designs for a pin cushion using daisies  with the same quote.